Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Word(less) Wednesday: What Do We Want (More)?

#HolyNoWriteNovember... is it Thanksgiving yet?

Because I want more of this...

Cousins Cavs Game
Thanksgiving 2010

All the Cellini Cousins
Thanksgiving 2010

Friendsgiving 2012
JCU Girls
laughing their heads off during Thanksgiving football
Displaying IMG_20131120_194458.jpg
Meeting and hanging out with Baby Simone!
Coming Thanksgiving 2013!!!

And less of this................

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Am I turning into a frazzled bag lady?
 Image source: via Cynthia Tenney

Orrrrr Grumpy Cat?
Grumpy cat
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It's time! Who's ready for some pumpkin pie, cozy fires, family time, CLE basketball, and a few days to relax and recharge? *Raises hand*