Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sweet Treats at See's Candies

Last week, I was invited to attend one of the sweetest events in CLE! See's Candies recently opened their doors at Beachwood Mall.

See's Candies Media Preview Event at Beachwood Mall

Bring on the chocolate!
I was delighted to indulge in my favorite guilty pleasure... chocolate!!! Who doesn't love chocolate? I mean...c'mon. Savory chocolate displayed in pristine white glowing cases... ginger, almond, raspberry, butterscotch cream...the fillings and flavors were endless!!!

Since 1921, they've been serving up these preservative-free, wholesome chocolates (since all that high fructose corn syrup yuck wasn't used 90 years ago, they stuck with the GOOD stuff!)

With See's Candies delivery service and early establishment  in the fine chocolate business, it became a favorite amongst early Hollywood stars, including the beloved Lucille Ball of "I Love Lucy." As the story goes, Lucy loved the chocolates so much that she wanted to film an episode at  See's chocolate factory.  Little did they know it would become one of the most infamous and favorite scenes from "I Love Lucy."

 Click the image to watch the famous chocolate assembly line scene

So the folks at See's Candies Beachwood shared the neat piece of history with us and then "dared" us to compete on our own assembly line of chocolates as Lucy! They taught us how to properly cup the chocolate and package it (to Lucy's credit--it is harder than you think!) Then everyone raced as teams with hairnets and paper hats on full display :)

Thankfully, we were all winners that night despite our packing skills!

See's Assorted Chocolate Truffles!

"Giant chocolate Easter bunnies? Yes please!" Gina

My sis and I had SO much fun at the event. From the retro vibe checkered floors, to the rows upon rows of chocolates, to the fun activities throughout the evening--we left there with sugar highs and wide smiles :)

Super Sweet See's & Sisters!

So to all my crazed cocoa-loving Clevelanders...head on over to Beachwood Mall (in the center court second floor) to scoop up some chocolate Easter bunnies and other favorite treats at the legendary See's Candies! Three cheers for chocolate!

***Disclosure: I was invited as a Cleveland blogger to this store opening preview event. I was provided a bag of chocolates and samples by See's Candies. All opinions and thoughts expressed are 100% my own.***


  1. I was so bummed to miss this event! Looks delicious! Once Lent is over, I'm heading to See's for sure.

  2. This looks like so much fun (and so much yummy chocolate!) I'm very envious- grad school is really crippling my social life.

  3. I'm working through the boxed assortment and finding more to love about See's everyday - yum! What a fun event!
    Crystal @EatDrinkClev

  4. SO jealous of this! Wish I would have known... I totally would have been there!


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