Monday, September 30, 2013

A Different View of CLE

Do you ever need a different view of CLE? 

Whether you're a born and raised Clevelander and think you've seen it all, or are stuck in the monotony of your daily commute--there always seems to be a new and different view of CLE, if we pause for reflection and change our standpoint, ever so slightly! My new view came from the age-old Port of Cleveland!

Last weekend, post-Ingenuity Fest,  I snapped these spectacular photos with blustery autumn skies and a slanted sunset. What a totally unbelievable view of the infamous skyline from the Port as opposed to my daily view from the Shoreway.

A Different View of CLE: William G. Mather, Rock N Roll Hall of Fame, and Great Lakes Science Center

william g mather rock hall

I love the clean and modern lines of the Rock Hall and Science Center against the reflection of times past and the old steamship, William G. Mather.

A Different View of CLE:  South Facing View of Downtown Skyline
and FirstEnergy Stadium

Cleveland skyline, FirstEnergy Stadium
It was almost disorienting to take in this angle of the city and our iconic buildings and landmarks. Growing up with the lake serving as my eternal compass, the city looks entirely different when my point of reference is out of sight.

A Different View of CLE: Cleveland Cliffs leading ashore into the city

Cleveland Cliffs

Look at those looming clouds against that shiny steel!

What new view or  perspective have you recently seen of the city? What's your favorite vantage point of the cityscape? How do you change up your daily routine to see the city with fresh eyes? 
Share your thoughts!

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