Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Word(less) Wednesday: What Do We Want (More)?

#HolyNoWriteNovember... is it Thanksgiving yet?

Because I want more of this...

Cousins Cavs Game
Thanksgiving 2010

All the Cellini Cousins
Thanksgiving 2010

Friendsgiving 2012
JCU Girls
laughing their heads off during Thanksgiving football
Displaying IMG_20131120_194458.jpg
Meeting and hanging out with Baby Simone!
Coming Thanksgiving 2013!!!

And less of this................

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Am I turning into a frazzled bag lady?
 Image source: via Cynthia Tenney

Orrrrr Grumpy Cat?
Grumpy cat
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It's time! Who's ready for some pumpkin pie, cozy fires, family time, CLE basketball, and a few days to relax and recharge? *Raises hand*

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Happy 40th, Kids!

Busy, busy, busy! Celebrating, working, traveling, more work, events. That's what I've been up to the past few weeks, and desperately have missed writing blog posts consistently!

So here's an homage that I did not want to miss sharing...last week, my parents celebrated their f-o-r-t-i-e-t-h wedding anniversary. Yes, 40. (Eyes bulge). As in 4 decades together...

Through thick and thin. sickness and health, joy and despair, darkness and light--this couple has truly emerged as an extraordinary example of standing beside each other and committed partnership.

As I've gotten older, I have seen their relationship grow stronger and more positive and more playful. 

My Dad can always make us laugh--
but rarely can we snap a good picture of him smiling!
We celebrated the big occasion as a family at one of my personal favorite date restaurants, Nighttown :) which, rightfully so, has been opened for over 40 years in CLE! I had the Eggs Benedict, which never disappoints! Check out their Sunday brunch menu here.
We laughed, ate, and listened as my parents recounted some anniversaries past--oh the stories!! Here's to wishing them another 40 years together, and each one better than the last! So proud of you, kids! And feel truly blessed to have a wonderful family that sticks together and supports each other. I hope one day I'll be celebrating my 40th wedding anniversary too. Lots of love!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fall Baking: Apple JAM Dumpling Delights!

Fall Baking Basics: Apple JAM Dumpling Delights

There are so many fall foods that I love that it's tough to choose a fave! From butternut squash, pumpkin pie, hearty chilli to fresh apples--the seasonal change shifts us from outside to inside, and into a cozy kitchen wafting with delicious aromas! On Sunday night, as the rain rolled in, I decided to try my creative hand in the kitchen with a huge bag of red McIntosh apples that we had. I modified a recipe I found on Pinterest originally from Cooking with Chopin Blog.

Here's What You'll Need:

  • Apple corer
  • Peeler or sharp knife
  • 2 baking sheets
  • A medium size mixing bowl
fall apple recipe


  • 4 small to medium size red apples chopped
  • 1/3 cup of brown sugar
  • 1 can of Pillsbury flaky biscuits
  • 1 teaspoon of cinnamon
  • 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla
  • 1/2 cup of pecans
  • 1/4 chocolate chips (I used mini)
  • 1/2 lemon (to squeeze over apples to avoid browning
  • Sprinkle of powdered sugar

    Yields 16-20 dumplings

Recipe Instructions

  1. Pre-heat the over to 350. Crank it up!
  2. Add brown sugar and cinnamon to the medium size bowl.
  3. Time to get nutty. Chop up pecans to produce 1/2 cup and add to the bowl.
  4. Wash the apples, core, and peel. Chop into small chunks. If you're worried about your apples browning, just squeeze a little lemon juice on them. Boom.
  5. Add the apple bits to the brown sugar, cinnamon, and pecan mixture. Stir it up until the apples are coated generously.
  6. Finish with the vanilla and chocolate chips. You can always add in more to your liking :) Stir again. 
  7. Take your can of biscuits, bust it open, and divide (most cans serve 8, peel dough apart into 2 or more). Lay out dough onto baking sheets about a 1/2 inch apart. You don't need to grease the sheet.
  8. Spoon your apple JAM mixture into the center of each dough circle. Like so:

  9. Apple JAM mixture
  10. Pinch into a dumping shape by taking the edges of the dough up to the center and close. (Try to press the edges of the dough together since they will expand a bit in the oven.) I made some mini and some regular size dumplings.

  11. Pop these bad boys into the oven for 12-14 minutes. And await for the scrumptious smell of fall to bake into the house. When the dumplings expand a bit in the oven, the apple JAM mixture will bubble and caramelize the top edges a bit. To.die.for!
  12. Pop these bad boys into the oven for 12-14 minutes. And await for the scrumptious smell of fall to bake into the house. When the dumplings expand a bit in the oven, the apple JAM mixture will bubble and caramelize the top edges a bit. To.die.for!
    fall baking
  13. Sprinkle on a bit of powdered sugar on your Apple JAM Dumpling Delights while still warm. Take a big ol' bite, get a taste of fall, and praise the heavens!!!

apple jam dumpling delights

Easy, fast and fall baking basics! Yum!!! What's your favorite fall dessert or dish? Share your thoughts or recipes!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Morgan Conservatory: Paper Arts in CLE

Last evening I attended the Morgan Conservatory Annual Benefit and Silent Auction: Opposites Attract.  My mom had a piece in the silent auction and I was so excited to show my support and check out all of the awesome artwork and paper! The month of October is dedicated to celebrating the paper arts, so check out all the other events going on in Cleveland during Octavofest 2013. 

Mom and Me
in front of her calligraphy piece

"The Morgan Art of Papermaking Conservatory and Educational Foundation is a Cleveland, Ohio non-profit art center dedicated to the production and preservation of hand papermaking and the art of the book." This is their big fundraiser and the whole warehouse/gallery turns into a magical creative space--complete with live music, hand-crafted decorations, food and drink, demos and fab art for a good cause!
Morgan Conservatory: Opposites Attract

As soon as you stepped into the space you could feel the creative and magnetic energy, after all, the benefit this year was rightfully named, Opposites Attract. 

Morgan Conservatory Annual Benefit

The Morgan Conservatory really embodies the idea of opposites attract. The ominous and rust-belt looking warehouse holds tremendous beauty, revitalization and creative production inside. The shell of the building on E.47th St may look a bit intimidating, but the lush Japanese mulberry trees in the back of the premises serve as the source for the hand papermaking production. Yes, they actually harvest the plant fibers and make their own paper. SO TOTALLY COOL!

Morgan Conservatory: Paper Arts in CLE

Morgan Conservatory: Papermaking in CLE

During the event you could check out all of the different types of paper that members and artists had created or used in their collection. They even had staff at different stations doing demos to show the step-by-step process of the labor-intensive art of paper making.

Morgan Conservatory: Papermaking demos

We made our rounds checking out all of the ways in which artists used paper. From handmade books, installations, to intricately cut paper, and typography--there were so many different ways people used the paper. And the silent auction allowed you to bid on well-known artists and cool pieces for relatively low prices. Hope I get a call on one of my bids :) The best part is that all of the artists donated their work to raise money to benefit the Morgan and support educational workshops.

So be sure to check out the month long celebration of paper arts in Cleveland! I'll be back at the Morgan next weekend for the Abecedarium and revisit my ABC's. Visit Morgan Conservatory to learn about the process of hand-making paper or other events around town that are part of Octavofest.

Disclosure: My mom is a member of Morgan Conservatory and participating artist in Octavofest. All opinions are entirely my own. And I think she's awesome.

Monday, September 30, 2013

A Different View of CLE

Do you ever need a different view of CLE? 

Whether you're a born and raised Clevelander and think you've seen it all, or are stuck in the monotony of your daily commute--there always seems to be a new and different view of CLE, if we pause for reflection and change our standpoint, ever so slightly! My new view came from the age-old Port of Cleveland!

Last weekend, post-Ingenuity Fest,  I snapped these spectacular photos with blustery autumn skies and a slanted sunset. What a totally unbelievable view of the infamous skyline from the Port as opposed to my daily view from the Shoreway.

A Different View of CLE: William G. Mather, Rock N Roll Hall of Fame, and Great Lakes Science Center

william g mather rock hall

I love the clean and modern lines of the Rock Hall and Science Center against the reflection of times past and the old steamship, William G. Mather.

A Different View of CLE:  South Facing View of Downtown Skyline
and FirstEnergy Stadium

Cleveland skyline, FirstEnergy Stadium
It was almost disorienting to take in this angle of the city and our iconic buildings and landmarks. Growing up with the lake serving as my eternal compass, the city looks entirely different when my point of reference is out of sight.

A Different View of CLE: Cleveland Cliffs leading ashore into the city

Cleveland Cliffs

Look at those looming clouds against that shiny steel!

What new view or  perspective have you recently seen of the city? What's your favorite vantage point of the cityscape? How do you change up your daily routine to see the city with fresh eyes? 
Share your thoughts!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Welcome Fall in CLE: A Trip to Petitti's Garden Center

A Trip to Petitti's Garden Center

It's officially fall here in Northeast Ohio--my favorite season! And what a better way to welcome in the season than with a trip to Petitti Garden Centers. I stopped in at the mega-store out in Avon, but with 9 different retail garden centers in the area, you'll be sure to find one close to your neck of the woods. Visiting the garden center is an insta-mood boost and has become a bit of a tradition for my Mom and me. Not only are the plants at Petitti's grown locally in Northeast Ohio, but the well-known garden center is owned and operated by the local Pettiti family! Ahh, an Italian family affair! :)

If you're a newbie gardener, you can check out the plant finder tool on Petitti's website that allows you to narrow your search according to season, height, light needs and more. You can come prepared, or stroll through the greenhouse to find a flower or plant that jumps out at you! 

mums fall flowers

Like these rows and rows of fall mums! Look at all those pretty colors--these are some of my faves!

petitti's garden center plants
petitti's garden center plants
 I love the deep purple and fuchsia colors for fall, like the leafy Coleus.

My  mom was a big fan of these white mums which look like rows of bridal bouquets! :)

Finally, I ended up choosing two of these pretty rust colored mums for the planters. I can't wait to get some local pumpkins to add in the weeks ahead too! So if you're looking for a fun way to spend a fall afternoon, I'd highly recommend a trip to Petitti's to get your fall flowers!

What's your favorite fall flower? What fall gardening tips/recommendations do you have for your fellow Clevelanders? Share your thoughts!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: States United

 Wordless Wednesday: States United 9/11
Image source

states united print : Firefly
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                                           United: In Strength, Remembrance, Hope and Love. 9/11

Monday, September 9, 2013

Fall Fashion 2013: What to Wear and Where in CLE

If you're a Clevelander, then you are probably a big fan of the fall season here--Browns games, hearty meals, and beautiful changing leaves. Fall has always been a season I look forward to, not only because of the fun and fabulous foilage, but also for the fall fashion! Layers, boots, scarves, over-sized sweaters...oh my! So wondering what to wear and where in CLE during our (most) fashionable season? Well here are some of my top outfit picks for around town this year. Check out last year's picks here.

What to Wear and Where in CLE: Ohio City - West Side Market and Ohio City Farm

So are you hankering for some fresh seasonal food? A great place to find some fresh farm foods is in Ohio City at the infamous West Side Market and Ohio City Farm--yummy butternut squash or pumpkin raviolis from the Ohio City Pasta stand at the Market are some of my seasonal faves. Cozy foods and apparel! A snuggly mustard sweater, slouchy knit hat, lace-up boots and quilted vest make up the perfect attire to go shopping at the Market. The layers play to the indoor/outdoor shopping you'll be doing and you can pop your fresh produce right into this multipurpose over-sized "Everyday Shopper" bag from the reasonably priced Zara.
JAMinCLE Fall Picks

What to Wear and Where in CLE: Press Wine Bar

Press Wine Bar is a newer restaurant and wine bar in Tremont. Priding itself as the first location in Cleveland to offer "wine on tap," this place has a classy but eco-friendly relaxed feel. Read more about it here. These Tory Burch Cherie Wedges are killer! Typically, loafers are a bit too "stuffy" for my style, but with the unexpected gold plating and tweed addition, these sky-high wedges are anything but! The other pieces are classic shapes and styles but with more of a bohemian vibe. Like that leather wrap bracelet with a stunning orange sapphire (for a cool $2700... I mean a girl can dream, right?) Cozy up with a glass of wine on tap and head out to the back patio in this warm wool blend coat for chilly fall evenings. A CLE venue that blends classy and quirky, with clothes to match the mood.

What to Wear and Where in CLE: The Office

I love the color combo of olive, camel and teal for the fall--a perfect ode to the cooler weather and muted jewel tones. Bring the outdoors right into your office with this awesome, natural looking coffee mug that not only warms up your morning, but your desk decor too!
JAMinCLE Fall Work Wear

JAMinCLE Fall Work Wear

What to Wear and  Where in CLE: Mahall's Lanes

Mahall's Lanes is always a fun adventure for the weekend. This gem in Lakewood is a throwback to times past boasting twenty bowling lanes, craft beers served up in mason jars, and an intimate venue to take in lives bands too! I dig this retro bowling bag purse, Lennon-style shades, and comfy boyfriend shirt...sweet staples to carry you throughout the whole season. 

JAMinCLE Fall Bowling

What to Wear and Where in CLE: IngenuityFest

IngenuityFest has grown to be quite the fun festival each fall, celebrating CLE's creativity, innovation, arts and technology. The fest takes place at Dock 30 and 32 again this year featuring live music, performances, art, installations, interactive exhibits and more as the warehouses transforms from a vacant industrial space to a giant creative hub abuzz with ideas and acitivities. So what to wear? Well I'm obsessed with these Sperry Top-Sider Lace Up Desert Booties, a new twist on an old classic. I love the simpleness of shape and design of this Aztec-style sweater. The turquoise ring has a similar impact with the setting, a gorgeous "diamond" in the rough. I like design concepts that force you to reconsider the presentation of something familiar and beautiful in a different light. Ingenious!

JAMinCLE Fall Weekend Wear

JAMinCLE Fall Weekend Wear

What styles are you digging this fall season?   What will we spot you wearing around town? What are your fall must-haves? For more of my fashion picks and finds, follow me on Pinterest or Polyvore!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Mohican Weekend Part II: A Grape Excursion

Mohican Weekend Part II: A Grape Excursion

So you heard about part I of Mohican Weekend and the fun outdoor adventures we had. Part II is all about the fabulous place we stayed at, Old Vine Cottage at Ryder Family Vineyard.

JMK found this gem on the outskirts of Loudonville and Mohican. Although Mohican offers campgrounds, the Mohican Lodge and cabins, he hit it right on the money with this adorable, picturesque, & quiet getaway! Nestled on 12 acres of rolling vineyards, the backdrop and grounds were beautiful!

Although this place is called "Old Vine Cottage," it is anything but! The "cottage" is a 3 bedroom house with a full kitchen, 2 1/2 baths, giant deck, plenty of space and tons of fun stuff to do. Take a tour of the inside of Old Vine Cottage here. What I really loved though was the privacy and gorgeous vineyards just outside the window! What a view each morning!

Grape Excursion!

Each night we grilled out and had a fire, making for relaxing evenings and peace and quiet.
JMK and his primal fire building skills
On the second night, we had some super clear skies out there in the good ole country, so we built another fire, roasted s'mores and even saw THREE, yes, three shooting stars that night! (I squealed each time one passed and made a wish!)

During the days, we hiked around the 12 acre property and took on some fun activities at Mohican too.

Early morning vineyard photo :)

Strolling through the orchards on the property

The cool thing about this place is that it was bought by a family in 2010 and the adventure unfolded. They saved the property from foreclosure and revitalized the neglected vineyards into a treasure trove of grapes! They're in the process of getting the winery up and running on their property too so it was neat to watch the place evolve and support a family's awesome dream of opening a winery!
Driveway up to the property
Future winery on the left, cottage back right
The house was cozy, friendly, clean, serene and boasted beautiful views. Thanks to the Ryder Family for resurrecting this vineyard and sharing this lovely place with us! We definitely enjoyed the entire stay!
Signing the guest book

Next time you stop at Mohican, consider a stay at this fab find! Whether you're looking for a romantic getaway, family fun weekend, or gal pal fun--I highly recommend it, and by then I hope they have vino in full production too! Happy stomping, grape lovers! And keep JAMmin!