Sunday, May 6, 2012

Stay Connected!

I am not going to lie, I have been off this entire week, and several times could not bring myself to write this post. As I sit here on Sunday morning with the sunlight streaming into the porch, I can finally collect and formulate my thoughts with some perspective. As many of you know, I have said goodbye to my position at PlayhouseSquare and am starting a new job! I am a mixed ball of emotions--excited, nervous, hopeful, anxious, and eager...serious anticipation! I will say that it has not quite fully sunk in yet, but I am eternally grateful for the friendships I built and positive experiences I can take away from my time at PlayhouseSquare.


 I will surely miss my eclectic team which I got to share many good experiences with. Say hello to Broadway for me!

Our sales team was pretty tight knit and I especially miss my girlfriend, Sara! We became great friends, as well as coworkers. and I am glad I got to share in her personal life changes too.                              
I am so happy I got to work alongside her, and be included in her big life events too! She has been an unending source of support, advice, laughter, teamwork, and most of all, a terrific friend! The one thing I definitely look forward to now is having get togethers this summer at our new homes--cookouts, catch up, and celebrations!!! 
They gave my a great farewell sendoff at PlayhouseSquare, with a cake and all! And the cake sums it up: Stay Connected! I will certainly keep in touch with many great coworkers, and I look forward to starting this new chapter, with new coworkers, a new team, new experiences, and a new job. I am ecstatic about my new job responsibilities at Staffing Solutions. I will be doing marketing with a strong focus in building their social media platforms-- LinkedIn, Facebook, blogging--totally the perfect fit for me!!! The biggest thing I am excited about is connecting people! By nature, I love connecting people with my own positive experiences, or leads, or events, or hey, even a good deal! This new job will certainly give me so much personal satisfaction to literally connect people with new careers and give them the tools to make them successful along the way.

Whether it is "8 Great Resume Tips" or blogging about the job market and prospects in Cleveland. I am thrilled to be using social media and my passion for marketing to connect people with their own "right fit."

And last but not least, I am excited to join the team here because they share a lot of similar values I believe in. One of which is they are a Certified Women's Business Enterprise. "Creating Opportunities...Recognizing Excellence!" Women supporting women to excel, achieve, and lead in the work force. I am so excited to be entering this new phase in my career, and what a positive change to embrace! I'll be sure to Stay Connected!

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