Sunday, October 6, 2013

Morgan Conservatory: Paper Arts in CLE

Last evening I attended the Morgan Conservatory Annual Benefit and Silent Auction: Opposites Attract.  My mom had a piece in the silent auction and I was so excited to show my support and check out all of the awesome artwork and paper! The month of October is dedicated to celebrating the paper arts, so check out all the other events going on in Cleveland during Octavofest 2013. 

Mom and Me
in front of her calligraphy piece

"The Morgan Art of Papermaking Conservatory and Educational Foundation is a Cleveland, Ohio non-profit art center dedicated to the production and preservation of hand papermaking and the art of the book." This is their big fundraiser and the whole warehouse/gallery turns into a magical creative space--complete with live music, hand-crafted decorations, food and drink, demos and fab art for a good cause!
Morgan Conservatory: Opposites Attract

As soon as you stepped into the space you could feel the creative and magnetic energy, after all, the benefit this year was rightfully named, Opposites Attract. 

Morgan Conservatory Annual Benefit

The Morgan Conservatory really embodies the idea of opposites attract. The ominous and rust-belt looking warehouse holds tremendous beauty, revitalization and creative production inside. The shell of the building on E.47th St may look a bit intimidating, but the lush Japanese mulberry trees in the back of the premises serve as the source for the hand papermaking production. Yes, they actually harvest the plant fibers and make their own paper. SO TOTALLY COOL!

Morgan Conservatory: Paper Arts in CLE

Morgan Conservatory: Papermaking in CLE

During the event you could check out all of the different types of paper that members and artists had created or used in their collection. They even had staff at different stations doing demos to show the step-by-step process of the labor-intensive art of paper making.

Morgan Conservatory: Papermaking demos

We made our rounds checking out all of the ways in which artists used paper. From handmade books, installations, to intricately cut paper, and typography--there were so many different ways people used the paper. And the silent auction allowed you to bid on well-known artists and cool pieces for relatively low prices. Hope I get a call on one of my bids :) The best part is that all of the artists donated their work to raise money to benefit the Morgan and support educational workshops.

So be sure to check out the month long celebration of paper arts in Cleveland! I'll be back at the Morgan next weekend for the Abecedarium and revisit my ABC's. Visit Morgan Conservatory to learn about the process of hand-making paper or other events around town that are part of Octavofest.

Disclosure: My mom is a member of Morgan Conservatory and participating artist in Octavofest. All opinions are entirely my own. And I think she's awesome.

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