Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Weekend in CLE

Working Saturdays is always tough after a long work week, but I am happy to say that it surprisingly turned into a SUPER weekend (in more ways than one!) Saturday afternoon we had the great surprise of Jordan's best friend from home and his girlfriend come up to Cleveland. Although I was a bit groggy from the long week, it turned into a fun-filled evening and I am so glad that they came to visit!

What a cute (and thoughtful couple!)

Earlier in the day, they came to CLE to have a long awaited tour of Great Lakes Brewery and they brought this for us!! What an awesome hostess gift! And if you have not gone on a tour of the brewery yet, what are you waiting for?!?! It's a great taste of Cleveland history and, of course, a fantastic local and ecologically conscious brewery!

Great Lakes Growler
 We caught up, had some great laughs, and then ventured over to Paladar. Two words: holy guacamole!!! Another great restaurant to add to your list in CLE.  The Latin love they put into that guac is just spectacular! We had the traditional and the mango guacamole...yum!

After filling up on that delicious goodness, we mosied home ready for bed. We watched movies Sunday, got coffee, and just had a spanking good time. Sometimes those unexpected visits make you cherish the time even more. I sure know the bf was excited to hang with his best bud and let out his unrelenting inner goofball, providing everyone with entertainment, and appreciate the time that all of us got to spend together.

As Sunday wore on, I got to surprise the bf! While many people were gearing up for the Super Bowl, I was baking cupcakes :) Although not your typical football food, I wanted a Crohn's friendly snack that the bf could enjoy too. I found this great delicious mix from Trader Joe's (I seriously love that place!) and it was gluten free too!
They turned out amazing! I left some unfrosted and jazzed up some too. Definitely packed the party punch with these cupcakes!

Where's the party?
In your mouth!

We headed over to my sister's and she had even more delighful food! Her infamous buffalo chicken dip, puppy chow, and my personal favorite spinach bites! Everyone overate, yelled at the TV, and totally JAMmed out during the halftime show.

3 of my favorite artists...and check out those boots!!

A certified super awesome weekend in CLE!

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