Saturday, November 3, 2012

Public Proposal from a Mexican Pig and a Hauntaquarium: A JAM Halloween Adventure!

Yes, you did read that title correctly. This past week has been a crazy, fun, wild, & happy Halloween!!! Last weekend, I visited my college roomie and bff Marissa at her new place in Columbus. We had a lot of festivities in store as Halloween approached AND just found out she passed the Ohio Bar!!! Woo0o0o! So proud of her--she's such a humble smartypants.

We started off with our yearly tradition of pumpkin carving, watching spooky supernatural shows, and sipping some hot spiked cider. Ahhh I seriously LOVE fall!!!
masterpieces from this year

And years past....

Bad to the bone biker chick 2012
Hot Devil 2012!
(Yes, I bought and forced her to wear that giant  I'm #1  pin and told everyone she got #1 on the Bar) haha love it :)
After a fun-filled fall afternoon, we headed out to the infamous Halloween Highball in downtown Columbus. WOWWWW! They truly took the Halloween festivities to a whole new level there. The best comparison I can give is downtown Cleveland's St. Patrick's Day. NUTS! Thousands of people dressed up in the most elaborate Halloween costumes, food, libations, live music, high fashion costume show, stilt walkers, and an epic Halloween costume contest. 


masses of costumed people on the downtown streets of Columbus
Ermahgerd! (say it out loud) I'm sooooo excited!
costume fashion show

Best recreation of an original costume: Futuristic Dorothy!
Ummm I don't even know what to say here... $#%*
crazy stilt walkers!

 JCU Girls reunite in C-Bus

Giant monster

It was spooky overstimulation and fabulous festive fun all night long. Then we ran into these two characters (pictured below). When I asked what they were supposed to be, they confidently replied, "Oh, we're a Mexican cheetah and Mexican pig." ..... Umm I don't get it? Hahahaha! Footie animal pajamas + giant sombreros = a Mexican animal apparently. Haha! After chatting and having some good laughs...the Mexican pig (Anthony) then promptly started to make an announcement and dropped down on bended knee in front of alllll these people. A crowd of spectators quickly formed around us as people thought this was actually real. He then reached into his pork chop pockets and popped the big question to me with a sweet ring pop in tow. I just about died laughing!!!!!

Now THAT'S a sweet rock!!! :)
Columbus  Highball Halloween was a total blast and everything it was cracked up to be. Certainly goes down in the books as one of the top Halloweens ever... so when can we bring the Highball to CLE, please?!

On the actual day of Halloween, I was up for another spooktacular day! The Greater Cleveland Aquarium hosted a "jawsome hauntaquarium!" I've been to the Aquarium before and loved it, so I knew I'd be in for a real treat with the place decked out as a haunted aquarium. They even gave you some history about the Powerhouse Building and the ghostly encounters they've had on site.... yikes!


Frankenstein time!
Found 'em! Jeff and Kayla Waldo!

Touched the "scary" sting rays!
Swimmin in pumpkins :)
JAMs provided by DJ Beat Boy... a mini CLE Justin Bieber!! This kid rocks!

Love these gals!!! Thanks for a Halloweeny evening!

I had such a fun time being my alter ego biker chick for a week of fun and celebrating in CLE and C-Bus  with my ghouls!!! Be sure to check out the Greater Cleveland Aquariums cool events all season long, fun for everyone! I can't wait for Halloween festivities next year. Till then...Keep on JAMmin!!!!

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