Wednesday, December 19, 2012

5 Simple Steps to Crafting a Wine Cork Wreath!

Christmas may be right around the corner, and you may be stressed ...but don't worry you can get a jump start by saving for your Christmas crafts... for next year :) That's what I did last Christmas!
I began saving all of my wine corks (we all know JAM has an affinity for the vino!) from special occasions, to girl's nights, birthdays, after long work days, I saved all the corks up by simply tossing them in a nice large glass hurricane for a pretty display. Even my Mom and Grandma began saving up for me too--family affair. I created a whole board on Pinterest of "Put a Cork In It" ideas, so follow me on Pinterest for crazy crafts and other ideas too!! And yes, you guessed it... I got the idea for a wine cork wreath on Pinterest last year, and finally had enough saved up to make this AWESOME wine cork wreath for the holidays this year...andddd I'm pretty jazzed about it. It was simple, easy to do, and a great unique collection of fun memories over 2012.

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Original Wine Cork Wreath idea via Pinterest
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Five simple steps is all it takes!!!!

1) Have fun with your family, friends and loved ones over a bottle of vino.

2) Save all the corks in a dry (and preferably pretty display) area.

3) Buy a small styrofoam wreath from your local craft store (Michael's, Pat Catan's, etc.)

4) Take a walk down memory lane when you pour out all of your collected corks and recount the lovely times you shared.

5) Take toothpicks and stab one end into the cork and the other end into the styrofoam. Arrange to your liking, hang and enjoy!!!

Wine Cork Wreath!
Since I love red wine, I chose to flip some of the red-stained corks over to add some extra holiday swag color. Love it!

My finished wine cork wreath! Happy and hung! Success!
Enjoy your festive libations this year, and start saving for your easy-to-do wine cork wreath for the holidays next year!


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