Saturday, December 15, 2012

A JAM Blog-a-versary!!!!

Last December 15, I started my blogging venture and, whew--I could have never imagined what a wonderful journey it would be!
Make the ride bright!
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My very first post, I promised to spread that CLE JAM love all over the interwebs!

Spread that JAM!

My love and curiosity for my homeland of Cleveland has grown and evolved tremendously over 95 posts and countless escapades and new friends along the way. I finally kicked the post-grad 'brain drain' I had been experiencing and picked up the keyboard, drawing me back to my two favorite loves--writing and Cleveland!

CLE LOVE! Skyline via Lakewood Park
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It took me awhile to find my "voice" on my blog and I think once I began to get the rhythm (we are JAMmin here right?!) became more authentic and open...and you, my CLE Believers, stuck by me every step of the way!
Big or small, step by step! via Edgewater Park
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The first time I had a single post of mine hit 100 "views" was back in August, 8 months of working on my craft to get a rewarding response. And that's what I've learned--that blogging is truly a craft, commitment, and calculated art. The more I opened up my world, view, heart and adventures in CLE, the more the world and my readers opened up to me.
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Monday Meditations have proven to be an important weekly post for both my own personal growth and for the CLE Believers. It became such a great opportunity to pause, reflect, and begin the week on a positive note. And that's just it--we can either focus on the negative or the positive. And my take is--life is too short not to be positive!
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Along the way I've heard all sorts of feedback, encouragement and criticism. Some of my favorite hater lines and questions over the past year were:

-Why would anyone read a blog about Cleveland?
-What if nobody reads or cares what you have to say?
-Where does your blog live? (one of my personal favorites)
-Cleveland sucks
-Oh, you're a blogger (eye roll)

All valid questions and concerns I've faced and struggled with. So what did I do? I kept on writing! Yes, yes, I  AM a blogger! People may not always agree with my outlook, or love my positive take on life, or heck, they may not love Cleveland...but I do. And I just keep on writing. One post at a time. The positive experiences, people, stories, and  encouragement have far outweighed any of the criticisms! I've had the pleasure of making new friends who follow my blog and meet in real life, bringing talented young people and their products and films to the community, and stepping outside my comfort zone by attending events by myself, trying new places and having fun along the way. It's been real.
LOVE my city! Wo0o0
I choose to build and focus on the POSITIVE--events, restaurants, people, entrepreneurs, and hidden gems in life and in CLEVELAND. So thank you, thank you my CLE Believers...for venturing with me over the course of the year and for many posts to come. And remember, keep JAMmin!!!!


  1. Happy blogiversary! It's been great getting to know you. Keep spreading your love of CLE!

  2. I'm so happy you decided to blog because it's what helped us meet. You are such a sweetheart! Cheers to another year (or 10!)

    Crystal @EatDrinkClev

  3. Jessica,

    My name is Vanessa, and I am part of Pretty Muddy Women’s Mud Run blogger outreach team. Pretty Muddy is a women’s mud run series ( We are currently looking for "blogging ambassadors" for 2013, and feel your blog may be a good fit. If you are interested in more information, please email me at :


  4. Congrats on 1 year of blogging! I love reading your posts, always so positive :) plus you write about the best city in the world, duh! #CLElove :)


  5. Love reading your posts lady! You are a fantastic blogger and an even better friend! Can't wait to experience 2013 with you!

    xoxo TA


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