Sunday, January 20, 2013

Capturing the Cleveland Sunset

I must admit, we have had some STUNNING sunsets in CLE over the past few evenings (particularly for January sunsets, right?!) And Saturday was no different! My car temperature read 53 degrees--Wo0o0h0o0! So, I decided to capitalize on the unseasonably warm January evening and took the scenic drive home. I cruised down MLK Drive, one of my favorite drives in the city, and wound my way through the Cleveland Cultural Gardens in Rockefeller Park.

My drive started at the bottom of the map
and snaked along the greenery of the Cleveland Cultural Gardens up to Gordon Park (marked A)
Have you experienced this scenic and cultural emerald gem in Cleveland?! Ahh, you simply must! With nearly 40 different cultures and ethnicities represented, the gardens, architecture, and landscaping-- the Cleveland Cultural Gardens will not disappoint! I drove all the way through to Gordon Park along the lake to catch the fleeting sunset on this rare 50+ degree day in CLE. Check out these gorgeous views I snapped of the sunset casting a colorful scene over fabulous Cleveland!

Click, click, click, capturing the Cleveland sunset...going, going, gone!

Watching the sun sink into the water is always a cathartic and reflective few minutes to soak in the end of the day. Blink, and you'll miss it. Great perspective of a painted sky in Cleveland! What's your favorite place to take in a great CLE sunset? Where do you escape to on an unexpectedly warm winter day? Always grateful to have these surprise sunsets... keep JAMmin :)


  1. Gorgeous pics! There's a pier in Rocky River that's one of my favorite sunset spots.

  2. What whycle said! It's hard to see the sun set from the city but there is a little beach in rocky river I love to visit in the summer. Why not winter, right?

  3. Oh is it Rocky River Beach...the one with all the stairs? I love discovering new spots to take in the scenery!


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