Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday Meditation: Give Your Soul Some Love and Be Your Self!

"Who you naturally are is FAR more inspiring than who you pretend to be. This is the fact. And what ELSE is cool is when we stop pretending to be someone and just start being ourselves, we are no longer BSing ourselves and so we actually take our power back, instead of giving it away by pretending to be perfect. And as we start to respect ourselves more, we take more action and as we take more action grounded in self-respect, really cool things start to happen and a positive cycle of momentum is created." -Mastin Kipp via The Daily Love

Ego vs. Soul
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I love this quote AND this visual. It really helps show the parallels and implications of choosing to listen to our EGO or our SOUL. When we are struggling or going through a period of growth it can be easy to listen to the ego: I'm not strong enough, brave enough, cool enough, beautiful enough. STOP. You ARE enough! The ego is that dark side buried in your sub-conscious that tries to convince you of negativity or self-doubt. 

I had a conversation with a girlfriend this weekend about the importance of  loving ALL aspects of yourself--the good, the bad, and the order to give any part of yourself to another. Ah-ha!
raise your self-worth, raise your net-worth. may cause miracles
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I struggled with this a few years ago as I suffered with severe anxiety. (I know, the social butterfly, wow!) I was going through a period of tremendous loss, change, and growth and was trying to manage my silly ego:
  • I can handle this on my own, chin up, keep smiling
  • People will think I am nuts if I explain what's going on
  • I wish I could change what happened in the past
  •  I am misunderstood/alone
  •  Ego, ego, ego! 
fear is natural
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Everyone has their own battles, fears, or issues. It may not be anxiety or grief, but certainly everyone can relate to trying to silence a nagging ego, or trying to fit in, or denying some facet of ourselves that we wish wasn't there. But the more you resist, the more it persists!!!
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When I finally began to listen to my soul/inner JAM/true Self, my whole world began to open up!

The experience and challenge significantly changed me... for the better! It's all about what you choose to make of it, yes, make something of it! I hope by me sharing my experience will help some readers be themselves and give their souls some love and embrace the challenges they are facing!

Am I more forgiving of others now? Yes, everyone's facing a battle you may not know about! Did I learn to be grateful for each moment and appreciate my support system? Certainly, I am incredibly blessed! Do I still hear my ego? Sure, but it doesn't win when I simply listen to my authentic Self and stay present and positive!
Do you choose the light or dark side?
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But most importantly I learned:
  • Build on the positive and be productive
  • Be true to my Self and not judge my Self so critically
  • Be open and vulnerable around those I love and trust; I don't have to give everyone an explanation
  • Surround my Self with those who lift me higher
  • My family loves me unconditionally
  • Everyone deals with loss and grief differently
  • Getting help shows strength and humility!
  • Be passionate about life...YOLO! I can only live in the Now
  • Don't just talk about it, BE about it!
  • I love ALL aspects of my Self!

How are you workin' your self-love muscle today?
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  • How can you let go of your past?
  • How can you be more gentle to your Self?
  • Are you trying to impress others or are you being honest with your Self?
  • How can you respect your body more?
  • Are you listening to your ego or your authentic soul?
  • Are you surrounding your Self with people who love, accept, and encourage you to be your Self?
  • Are you being proactive and growing?
  • Did you tell your Self today that you're awesome!

I say, give your soul some love and meditate on being your Self!

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