Sunday, February 24, 2013

Orchid Mania at the Cleveland Botanical Garden

This past weekend, I went to the Cleveland Botanical Garden for their 10th annual Orchid Mania exhibit. It was stunningly magnificent! I've always loved orchids, but was totally unaware of the countless varieties and hybrids that were out there!!! The handiwork of these spectacular orchids is show-stopping and awe-inducing with their natural beauty!
Bring on the color!
The Cleveland Botanical Garden is a gem in our city, and this brightly colored and sweet smelling exhibit is a guarantee pick me up on a gray wintry day! The Orchid Mania exhibit is on now through March 10, and with adult tickets for only $9.50, this exotic orchid show is easy on the eyes, and on the pocketbook!

These lovely markings are real life, all natural artwork!
Loved the suspended orchid wall display!
Chocolate smelling orchids...I was in heaven!

"Queen of the Orchids"
This gigantic beauty reminded me a bit of an Iris with its shape

Orchid Mania!
Another successful Cleveland adventure!
So if you're looking for a fun Cleveland adventure that will surely brighten your mood and spirit, take in this captivating orchid exhibit and "escape to a world of tropical delights at the Cleveland Botanical Garden!" Hurry, the exhibit runs for just a few more weeks, just the boost you need to get you through the home stretch of a Cleveland winter!


  1. Love the pictures - you're right, this would brighten up any mood! I can't wait for spring.

  2. How gorgeous! I love the Botanical Garden, especially during the gloomy winter months.

  3. How lovely! Tho Botanical Gardens are great at any time of the year but this event looks spectacular!


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