Sunday, March 24, 2013

Weekend Recap: Last Call CLE Laughs, Wedding Shower and Spring Shopping Savings!

After a long week, I needed to start my weekend with some laughs...ridiculous, inappropriate, wholesome Cleveland laughs with Last Call Cleveland live at PlayhouseSquare!

Last Call Cleveland vs. the Asian Carp
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This wasn't my first laugh-fest, in fact, I have seen the YouTube sensations and Cleveland comedy troupe, Last Call Cleveland at least four times before! From local "celebrity" impersonations, to the invasion of Asian carp, to saving Cleveland...these guys are always sure to get a chuckle and good belly laugh from any true Clevelander! Check out more of their hilarious videos on their Last Call Cleveland YouTube channel.

On Saturday, I headed out to Aurora for my college gal pal, Steph's wedding shower! The wedding shower was so elegant and beautiful! Her and her husband-to-be are fun-loving and always know how to have a good time! I had fun, laughed a lot, celebrated their happy future, and ate entirely too much!

Steph & Joey's Wedding Shower:
from top left clockwise:
1.DELICIOUS desserts and adorable party favors (wine cork keychains, I'm obsessed!)
 2. The happy couple.
3. Three cheers for wedding shower gifts!
4. First ribbon break, thanks to T.A. at least one baby...
5. The beautiful flowers he surprised Steph with, how sweet!
6. Excuse me, but I mustache you a question...
T.A. and I
The Official Papparazzi for the afternoon :)
Lovely ladies!

Congrats Steph! We <3 you!
After the shower excitement, I discovered that we were JUST down the road from Aurora Farms. Naturally, I had to venture over to check out some deals...and boyyyy did I get me some deals! Let's be honest, who else gets an awesome high from sweet shopping deals?

Ann Taylor Outlet Deals & Steals!

Pretty spring cardigan!
Originally: $64.99
Priced: $14.99

Can never have too many cardigans, especially at this price!
Originally: $64.99 each
Priced: $11.99 each!!!
Gorgeous silky spring top to wear out
for Steph's Bachelorette Party Weekend in DC :)
Awww yayuhhh!
Originally: $49.99
Priced: $14.99
Nearly $300 worth of merchandise for just around $60...woooooo! Bring on the spring weather and happy colors!
Polka Dot Flats from the Gap Outlet
Originally: $34.99
Priced: $19.99

More spring colors!
The Banana Republic Outlet
Perfect for layering!
Top orginally: $44.99
Priced: $12.99
Love this color combination!
Turquoise necklace originally: $29.99
 Priced: $16.99
Coral bracelet originally: $19.99
Priced: $5.99
Nearly $100 worth of merchandise for under $40! I'd say this spring shopping spree was a huge success and several hundreds in savings! Wooohoo! These warm colors make me so happy! Hope you had a wonderful weekend in CLE too!

How do you laugh off a long week? What's your favorite wedding shower tip or treat? Where do you go to get awesome spring deals? What trends are you looking forward to wearing in CLE this spring?


  1. I am SO impressed that the groom to be attended the shower...seemingly WILLINGLY! What a great guy!!!

    LOVE your shopping deals - super cute and great bargains -my favorite combo!

    Crystal @EatDrinkClev

  2. We LOVE those outlets! Oh, and did you see my mention of you in the post I did a few days ago. You inspire me. :)


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