Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Weekend Recap: Holidays, Birthdays, Food & Fun in CLE!

This weekend was a busy one! So much to do and so much to celebrate!

I kicked off my weekend by meeting some of my blogging gal pals, Jen and Sarah, for dinner at Deagan's in Lakewood. I got the mac & cheese (with gruyere, bacon, peas, chives)... I got mine without the bacon since it was Friday but it would have been tastier with the saltiness in it. The ladies and I had an awesome time chatting and they shared with me some very helpful blogging tips. I admire their styles of writing and years of dedication to the craft...thanks to these blogging beauties for the inspiration and insights :)

Blogging Beauties: Sarah from Our Journey and Jen from WhyCLE

After dinner, I headed over to 78th Street Studios in Detroit-Shoreway. The venue bills itself as largest fine arts complex in NE Ohio with over 40 retail galleries, studios, and other creative spaces all under one roof. And I've been dying to check out their monthly event which allows visitors to meander and explore the countless galleries.

Click here for more info about Third Fridays at 78th Street Studios.
The event was PACKED with people of all ages checking out the creative spaces. From ceramics, jewelry, paintings to installations, there was something for everyone to enjoy and appreciate. I'd definitely go this event again, especially when I am on the hunt for a one-of-a-kind gift!

On Saturday, the whole familia saddled up at our favorite restaurant, Bruno's, to celebrate my Gram's 86th birthday! The heaping portions of pasta, flowing olive oil, and heavenly tiramasu only added to the delicious meal and happy celebration!
Happy Birthday, Gram!
Like mother like daughter ..hope I inherit your good genes :)

After dinner we met up with friends to continue the birthday celebrations! Happy birthday, Ryan and Danny!
Photo: Happy Birthday Ryan Symonds
Awesome photo bomb, birthday boys...thaaanks

Sunday, I welcomed one of my favorite Cleveland holidays, St. Patrick's Day! (Yes, I am half Italian and half Irish...can't you tell?!) I started off the day with this little adorable nugget...meet Chloe!!! Kayla's newest addition :) I am obsessed with her!!!

Then we grabbed some Conway's Irish Ales and corned beef sandwiches at McGinty's in Lakewood and listened to some Irish JAMs.

 Photo: Happy St. Patrick's Day!

And I ended the green holiday festivities taking in this sightly view of the Terminal Tower lighting up Cleveland with the luck o' the Irish!

How did you celebrate St. Patrick's Day? What's your favorite CLE family restaurant? How do you celebrate your family's heritage?


  1. Ooh...I've been dying to try Bruno's. Growing up on the southwest side of town, my favorite family restaurant would have to be Carrie Cerino's.
    Great seeing you on Friday! Let's do it again soon!

  2. Your mac n cheese was SO good! And that little pup is adorable. Glad you had a great weekend!

  3. Seriously, I think this is my favorite post! So many of my favorite places, your way too young looking Gram, that ADORABLE Chloe, and endless cuteness from you. *love*

    Crystal @EatDrinkClev


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