Thursday, July 11, 2013

4th of July Recap

Is it seriously double digit days in July already?! How did we get here so quickly!! Ahhh if only we could push the slow button on summer!

Over the 4th of July holiday weekend, I was out of town visiting nearby C-Bus. So here is a quick recap of the highlights:

An epic explosive show
at the largest fireworks display in Ohio--Red, White & Boom!
Hiking + tree climbing + intentional dip in the water

Stroll along Creekside

Stop looking at me swan!!
Awesome community gardens!

It was a fun trip and I was able to relax, explore and catch up with the JMK fam. One step at a time, we'll see where the road leads...

Isn't that an O.A.R. song? On the road outside Columbus? Anywayyyy....Yep, I'll be heading back down there this weekend. This time for a girls weekend with 2 of my besties from college. We've been planning it since March, and looking forward to some much-needed girl time and shenanigans :) Now I have to go run and pack!

Can't wait for Club with these lovely ladies!!! Where is that summer slow down button again??

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  1. Ha! I ALWAYS say that when I see a swan! :)


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