Sunday, August 4, 2013

CLE Museum of Art + Lakewood Arts Fest

What a great weekend to be a CLE art lover! On Friday, I finally got to check out Cleveland Museum of Art's MIX First Fridays: Caliente! And this time it was outdoors on the front steps. A total fiesta, complete with a live salsa band, happy hour specials, and droves of art aficionados and art newbies!

cleveland museum of art
Just dance!
cleveland museum of art

Reportedly there were over 1000 people who were salsa-ing and spectacting outside and inside the beautiful museum, myself included! So happy to see people come out and enjoy all that our city has to offer! Check out what's happening at the newly renovated Cleveland Museum of Art!

cleveland museum of art
Sassy salsa sisters!
cleveland museum of art thinker
Just like Rodin's "The Thinker"
After the event, my sis and I headed around the corner to the new ABC Tavern that recently opened in Uptown. Great selection of craft beers AND skee ball, win! Definitely will be visiting there again!

On Saturday, I went to the 36th annual Lakewood Arts Fest. Over 160 artists participate on average in the downtown Lakewood festival each year, many of them locally-based. It's been a family tradition to go every year, and this year I hit it up again...twice :)

I purchased these 4 coasters as a set (for only $15!) from The Foundry Woodprints. I LOVE the old historical photos of CLE that were transferred as woodprints. I'm going to put my 4 in a shadow box and hang it on my wall.  His stuff was going like hotcakes and hopefully they'll be opening a brick & mortar soon. Yeah, CLE pride!

Some of my other favorite and noteworthy artists at the Lakewood Arts Fest this year included:

  • Cynde H. Designs: 35mm Film Negative Jewelry. The name says it all! But check out her stuff to see her step-by-step process...very cool upcycling!
  • Gold Designs by John Darlin: gorgeous handcrafted bracelets and jewelry. Love his bracelet hook clasps that actually fit my wrist. You could never go out of style with one of his timeless pieces.
  • Marker Magic: I can't even do his work justice, you've got to see it up close! This Twinsburg artist takes the ever-familiar magic marker to create spectacular works of art that are deceptively stunning!
  • Ironwood & Vine Studio: one of my favorites for his upcycling craftsmanship. Dean Myton creates several products from upcycled wood--my favorite, his serving trays, were made from wine corks, wine crates and salvaged wood from deconstructed homes throughout Northeast Ohio. Brilliant!
After circling the show several times, we worked up an appetite and decided to try out the newly opened Cerino's Casual Italian (previously Eddie-N-Eddie's). Honestly, as good as their burgers were, my whole fam was pumped a solid Italian family restaurant finally came back to Lakewood! And the  fast service, friendliness and food did not disappoint!

Cerinos Casual Italian
Eat Well.
Laugh Often.
Love Much.

We shared breaded parmesean planks and mini meatball sliders as appetizers, and I had the "smaller" portion of crispy pesto gnocci with charred cherry tomatoes for the main course. YUM! Needless to say, we were all in happy carb comas post-meal.
Cerinos Casual Italian
An artsy-fartsy, foodie, fun, family weekend in CLE! Have you been to MIX at CLE Museum of Art? How about the Lakewood Arts Fest? What's your favorite Cleveland area arts fest?


  1. So....the eddie n eddie's closed already in Lakewoood?? You miss a lot when you don't live in that city.

  2. Yep, it's the same family though. Just decided to switch it up since Lakewood already has TONS of burger joints. In my personal opinion they're much better at Italian food than burgers.


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