Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Who Does Everyone Love?

Tomorrow marks the Feast of the Assumption, and beginning of one of my favorite festival weekends in CLE...THE FEAST in Little Italy! Kicking off its 115th year, be sure to stop over between August 15-18th for some of CLE's finest and authentic Italian cuisine and festivities at The Feast of the Assumption in Little Italy! Check out my Feasted: The Feast of the Assumption blog post from last year and's guide to The Feast of the Assumption here. Cannolis, meatball sandwiches, cavatelli, dancing, music, family, friends, faith and fabulous food! See ya there CLE Italian loves and lovers!
So who does everyone love? Why an Italian Girl, of course!!! :0)
Circa The Feast 2005


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