Thursday, December 15, 2011

Grey poupon is out, JAM is in! Spreading the CLE love

Several bloggers, family, and friends have been encouraging me to start a blog for years. Not because my life is a sitcom (although occasionally it turns into one) or because I've got the coolest style since "the business in the front, party in the back hair cut" (and yes my sister and I both had one at some point in our lives, but I'll post those pics on a later date), mainly I've been encouraged because I love to write, and have experienced incredible brain drain the past few years. But I'm finally picking up my pen (well keyboard in this case) and setting out to tell all about JAM Land. I am a poetry nerd, admitted wino, wannabe crafter, lover of life, and Cleveland gal, through and through. And, I am a firm believer that good things will circle back to you. (Why you always gotta give love to your hometown too--despite the "fact" that we make the "Most Miserable City List," and countless other insultery lists. Good things ARE happening in our city, people! Look on the sweet side)

Believeland Cleveland!

Although the midwest can be as plain as white bread, often, we have good wholesome people here who sweeten up daily life. Well get ready for some JAM (Jessica Ann Morris that is) because I'm finally slapping my thoughts on this blog sandwich and I'm ready to spread the JAM all over Cleveland and the blogosphere!

Spread that JAM!

We're from the "Rust Belt" we don't do that uppity Grey Poupon stuff here.

Clearly, He's about to barf all over his fancy suit...
So eat up boys and girls! Enjoy the journey with me of rants, raves, & revelry ... And I hope you like JAMmin too!

Mmmm beefy!


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