Monday, January 23, 2012

Let's Get Pretty in CLE

Sure, every girl likes the occasional indulgence--wine, chocolate, shopping splurge, etc. But I must admit, I have never experienced wonderful pampering like this before! Yes, believe it or not, I never had a "spa day" before. In fact, the thought of pedicures and massages previously gave me a case of the giggles. I never thought I could go untickled and endure a day of people touching my feet and rubbing oil on my back and thoroughly enjoy it. Over Thanksgiving, my bf's mom dropped the knowledge bomb on me and explained how glorious a spa day is. She was incredibly thoughtful and gave me an awesome Christmas present properly named "Indulge Spa Package" at Creative Beauty Salon & Spa. So let's get pretty in CLE!  
I was giddy and excited for my spa day, and to make it even better, it's located just around the corner from my place! So Saturday morning, I geared up and was ready to trek over to the spa, despite the crazy snow we had the night before!
Pretty badass boots (thanks JMK)
I arrived at the spa, with coffee in hand, and chill on my coat, and got to stick my feet in this amazing contraption. (Girls, forgive me, this is my first spa day remember?!) Anyway, it was divine, the chair massaged and vibrated as my feet soaked and girated in the color-changing jet tub. I was swaddled in an oversized fleece robe and kicked back with my eyes closed feeling like quite the princess.


Next, Masha, the Russian nail technician, did a bang up job on my toes. Hear me out, feet definitely weird me out. Actually if humans evolved to have hooves as a prettier and more effective means of transportation, I would be one happy centaur.

 image courtesy of
Those are some pretty hot hooves...

But Masha was terrific and entertaining and made me reconsider the evolution and mythology of pedicures... and now I am hooked! 
Pretty pink piggies in yo face!

Right after my pedicure, I had my hour long relaxation massage. Although I got a massage from a Russian dude, he was very professional and worked tension out of my back I wasn't even aware that I had (and I managed not to awkwardly laugh too much.) One recommendation to spa DJs though, please don't play the flute rendition of "I Will Always Love You" by Whitney Houston during a deep tissue massage, because it will only make me chuckle.

Pretty awkward

So after my day at the spa, I came home and my lovely man had surprised me with my favorite...PORK CHOPS! Ever since I was a little girl, I have had a special place in my heart for pork chops. The bf cooked these outstanding chops (courtesy of Whole Foods Chagrin) that were stuffed with delicious cornbread along with garlic mashed potatoes and apple sauce. I was so smitten and truly felt like queen for the day. He always makes me feel pretty special!

Pretty porker

And to top off the perfect day of pretty pampering. The sweet bf took me to go see Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol.  For an action movie, it was entertaining with some good stunts...and let me also add that Paula Patton is pretty kickass and pretty gorgeous!
Pretty Paula Patton in Mission Impossible

She held her own in the movie and it was an awesome way to end the day feeling pretty, pampered, and positive!  As Larry David would say, "Pretty, pretty, pretty...pretty good!"

*A very special thanks to the JMK family for such a great weekend*

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