Monday, June 11, 2012

A Birthday JAM Weekend


For every phone call, text, post, tweet, email, card, office visit, hug, kiss, cake, drink and thought... THANK YOU!!! What a wonderful birthday feeling loved and blessed by each of you!

This is what it looks like to be 25...
Friday started off lovely. I walked into my office only to be stunned that my coworkers (who have made me feel extraordinarily welcome to the team this past month) had totally decked out my office for my birthday. I'm talking confetti, banner, streamers, and even a crown with the word "Queen" lit up on it.
(Luckily this picture was snapped before I was told I had to wear the crown...)

Then my amazing sister "happened to be in the area" and stopped by to check out my new digs and brought me a ridiculously cute tea cup orchid (seen above) along with a latte and other birthday goodies. Did I mention how awesome she is?

From her birthday the weekend before
 After a fantastic day at work, JMK and I met my parents down at the pier at Edgewater Park. I got to spend some time with my parents while taking in the magnificent view of the place I have called home for the past 25 years.

Thanks for the life you have given me, Mom & Dad!!!
After Edgewater Park, we shuffled on over to Whiskey Island for a laid back, carefree, live music, full of laughter, taking in the lake breeze kind of night. A bunch of my friends had never been to Whiskey Island/Wendy Park before, so it was an adventure for everyone. If you want a marvelous view of the sunset, boat access, volleyball courts, good atmosphere, and cold ones...defintely recommend.

Me and Marieeeee :)

Seriously unbeatable sunset

Taking in 25

The next day, we set off for a day which JMK entirely planned for us. And I must say, he totally knocked it out of the park!! We went to Gervasi Vineyard just a short drive to Canton. When we got there, I was completely blown away!!! It was GORGEOUS! We had a private two story suite in a villa that sat alongside a manicured lake surrounded by willow trees and wild life. I'm talking 4 Star classy.

A walk-in shower with marble tiles AND a heated towel rack. Win!
The living room with gas fireplace, and yes we did turn it on that evening despite it being 75 degrees

Totally RHONJ

After having a glass of vino on the patio, we were treated to an in-suite hour long massage. OMG!!! What a perfectly relaxing afternoon. Once we peeled ourselves off the massage tables, we walked over to the Bistro next to the vineyards where there was live music, people of all ages, and those classic summer Adirondack chairs to set the scene. Here are a few more pics I snapped on an early morning walk around the property the next day. It was all around wonderful!
Our Villa

What more can a girl ask for? With the luxurious amenities, stunning surroundings and incomparable company--JMK set the bar high for future occasions! Highly recommend this place-- I could probably write a whole post about why it was so charming!!

We capped off the weekend with a family dinner at Washington Place Inn. Cozy, vintage and darn good food! Laughing our heads off--typical family dinner.



Whew! Whatta JAMmin weekend! Food, festivities, family, friends and fun! And thanks to each person who contributed to a memorable birthday. Here's to happiness, health and adventure! Cheers to a quarter century!

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  1. omg jess- that vineyard looks amazing!! you are one lucky chica!! and such a CUTE cute cute family pic :)))


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