Sunday, June 17, 2012

Downtown CLE Weekend : Rooftop Views, Made in the 216 & Marine Week

Did you venture to downtown CLE this weekend? Action packed. People everywhere. Lively city. So totally felt like a CLE Carrie Bradshaw.

Friday night we hung out on the rooftop of Statler Arms where my friend lives. It was such a cool view of the city along with a front row view of fireworks after the Tribe game!

Go Tribe!
A city alive at night!
Me & Marie on the rooftop
 On Saturday, I hit up Momocho in Ohio City, my first time there (crazy, I know) and it was such a blast. We pulled up at 4:45pm just before it opened...and check out this line already waiting!!!


After dinner, I see why it is so popular! From the tiny but charismatic patio space, to the delicious goat cheese & garlic guacamole, to the specialty margarita samplers (spicy pomegranate, red chili salt cucumber, pineapple, oh my!) it is a great CLE place to eat, drink and relax outside!

Girls night! Kayla enjoying her margarita samplers!
After Momocho we headed over to Dredger's Union to check out Made in the 216! It's an event featuring several local CLE's vendors--CLE tshirts, CLE jewelry, art, coffee, home decor and more!

 It's an awesome event and a great way to support local CLE businesses and artists. Check out this super sweet tee that has a vintage map of Cleveland on it. I picked up for JMK! Score!
On Sunday, I woke up early to head downtown (again) and scope out the last day of Marine Week. On my way to downtown, I stopped to take a few pics of this amazing mural the marines painted earlier this week on the corner of E.55th and Carnegie. You've gotta drive by and check this out! It's huge!

Community. Country. Corps.

Marine Mural CLE

I got to Public Square around 10am and it was already buzzing with people checking out the Marines, weapons, and machinery.
It was so moving to see so many people coming out to support the troops and I heard plenty of stories from Marines saying how hospitable people were to them in CLE. Those good midwestern values! I met servicemen from Virginia, Tennessee, Ohio and North Carolina, to name a few, who were deployed in Afghanistan, West Africa and Okinawa. It was tremendous to get to talk to some of them and learn about their lives and service. From the bottom of CLE's heart--we sincerely thank and support all of our troops stationed at home and abroad. Thank you for your sacrifices and service!
Faith: Pretty Powerful
Marine Week CLE
I was told I had to pay $1 when I asked if I could take their picture
But they negotiated and said I could get one for free if I got in the pic too...
 Anytime you see a man or woman in uniform, I encourage you to thank them for their service. Having family members both active and retired from the armed forces hits close to home. They are Moms, Dads, Brothers, Sisters, Husbands, and Wives too. So make sure to let them know they have our support!

Serving and protecting our future generations

It was such a fun-filled lively weekend in downtown CLE. From catching new city views from the skyscrapers, to buying CLE goods from Made in the 216, to meeting and speaking with several Marines visiting our city..I must say..I am proud to be a CLEVELANDER!!! 
Marine Mural CLE


  1. What a great weekend! Your pictures of CLE at night are fantastic.

  2. You ARE the CLE Carrie Bradshaw! Great weekend! I sooo wanted to make it to Made in the 216 but had plans all weekend and couldn't sneak away. The Momocho margarita sampler is to die for - and now I can't stop thinking about it. So thirsty....
    Crystal @EatDrinkClev

  3. Thanks @Kimberly & @Crystal! I had that "Mama Pride" feeling this weekend seeing Cleveland come into its own during all hours of the day & night, keeping everyone entertained. Hope you ladies enjoyed your weekend too!

    And yes, I keep daydreaming about the margarita sampler too! They even have "pabango" a combo of papaya, banana, and mango...holy smokes!! :)


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