Saturday, July 7, 2012

Arts Fest Part II: Waterloo

Last weekend we went to one of the coolest arts fest in CLE! The 10th Annual Waterloo Arts Fest was a blast. It was an eclectic mix of food trucks, live bands, impromptu parades, street art, and retail.

New food truck we tried--LOVE their logo!

Certified delicious!
Talent in action
Street art dreams

Impromptu parade and jam session to "When the Saints Go Marching In"
Coolest record shop in town: Blue Arrow Records

Record-tiled floor...!!

Beat that drum, girl!
More live music on the streets

Terrific book we bought from Native Cleveland
 (even though we aren't new to CLE, there are some great facts and awesome illustrations in here! Def recommend to CLE lifers and newbies)


Overall success and good time at the Waterloo Arts Fest. Total revitalization of the area, and happy to see it thriving! Keep JAMmin!


  1. Great post! I really love the Waterloo Arts Fest.

    Looks like you had a fun time.

    What was the food being enjoyed?

  2. Yes Kristian, it was a great time indeed. The sandwich was some type of spicy sausage. I can't remember all the deliciousnes but I would definitely recommend trying that new food truck, Cracked Cleveland! Two thumbs up.


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