Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday Meditation

I am reading an excellent book right now, full of simple yet profound thoughts. "Us" by Lisa Oz. Here are a few snippets as my Monday meditation. Read it, digest it, read it again and let it drip slow like honey into the cup of your brain.

"Spend ten minutes in meditation on your true self.
Start by visualizing the identity you project to the world--all your likes and dislikes, opinions and emotions.
  Projecting Through an Opaque Wall

Then slowly, one by one, visualize them falling away.

Those traits are things you have used to create your external identity, but they are no more a part of your inner being than that purple sweater you wore in fourth grade.

 Let each superficial layer dissolve until you are left with nothing but pure consciousness.

 Sit in that place an experience who you really are."

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  1. I read "add more ing" to your life and she talks about 5-10 minutes a day in meditation. I really need to try that.


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