Sunday, August 19, 2012

Feasted: The Feast of the Assumption

Feast by definition:

1. rich or abundant meal
2. sumptuous entertainment
3. something highly agreeable
4. a periodical celebration, usually of religious nature.

Check. Check. Check. Check!!!!

The Feast of the Assumption has grown to be quite the special occasion for our family. Cleveland's 114th Annual Feast of the Assumption took place in Little Italy this weekend (in case you live under a rock.) The religious event has evolved into a 4 day long festival of food, family, fun, community, libations, charity gambling, guidos and pure goodness.

Celebrate the Feast
My sister cooked up a GIGANTIC storm for Saturday morning--commencing her annual Feast Before the Feast Party. Goat cheese & cherry strada, egg muffin souffles, garlic pesto bruschetta, fresh fruit served with a side of mimosas and espresso. There was a ridiculous amount of food. And I had every intention of taking fancy food pics prior to digging in but my appettite got the best of me. So I will just assure you that it was spectacular and keep subliminally reminding my sis that she for reeeal needs to open a restaurant. Even my Gram gave the final seal of approval--holy smokes!
The Cellini women!
With Gram holding up the pic of Patrica, Italy where my Grandpa was born
He'd be so proud of us girls! Always in our hearts!

Bella sorella!

Despite me working diligently this past month to lose 9 pounds, I am fairly certain I ate my weight in delicious Italian meatballs, sausage, cannolis, and cavatelli. And--I am really not worried about it--soooo worth it. Good food brings family and friends together, and that is what feasting is all about!

Speaking of bringing people together, my gal pal, Kayla (right) introduced me to one of her homegirls from South Carolina, Jenna (left). These two Southern Belles are such an awesome addition to our city and we are so happy to have them! Jenna just moved to the great land of CLE to accept a teaching position at John Carroll--my alma mater--double cool points. We had some great convos about comparing their hometown to their current place called home, CLE. The consensus? Cleveland has an incomparably rich culture, and the melting pot of food and nationalities brings the communities together to appreciate our differences and break bread at the same dinner table.

Corbo's famous meatball sandwich they only make twice a year = heaven for all

Look at all those people!
Girlfriends unite!
We then headed over to Gusto where they had some...interesting tunes provided by this gentleman :) But with the good times rolling, no one seemed to mind.

Yes, sequins were involved... 
Let's show them the Southern Shag

That's right. Kayla and Jenna shared some of their hometown love with us, by teaching us the South's honorary dance known as the "Shag." Sure Austin Powers may have initially crossed my mind, but these girls were groovy on a whole other level!!!

I love Gina thoroughly enjoying the show in the background! :)

Bravo! Nicely done, ladies!!!!
Rich or abundant meal(s)? Check! Sumptuous entertainment? Oh yeah! Something highly agreeable? The whole weekend was two big thumbs up! And periodical celebration, usually of religious nature? Celebrate we did! Tying faith, family, friends, and fantastic food into a fabulous Feast of a weekend! Mangia, mangia!


  1. Wish I had been there to celebrate with you! Molto bene!

  2. love love love! un abbraccio! xoxo

  3. Love the Feast! Your feast before the Feast sounds pretty awesome too!

  4. You were all there with us in spirit :)

  5. Sounds like you had an awesome time! Sorry we had to miss it, but Canada says Hi! :) -Jul


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