Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday Meditation: Karma Hug

You have it easily in your power
to increase the sum total of this world's happiness now.
By giving a few words of sincere appreciation
to someone who is lonely or discouraged. 
 Perhaps you will forget
tomorrow the kind words you say today,
but the recipient
may cherish them over a lifetime.

I recently experienced the unrelenting power of a hug. Not just any old hug, and believe me, there are many beautiful, fulfilling hugs out there--but this one is called a karma hug. For the good deeds, energy, compassion, graces, love--whatever you wanna call it--you put out there--comes full circle and truly blesses you when you least expect it. I like to call it a KARMA hug--what goes around comes around, and really...

So recently, whether it be the Universe, higher powers, or Holy Spirit himself--I have experienced karma coming back to me in the MOST UNEXPECTED and needed times! I have had several people reach out to me--coincidentally and unsolicited in the past few weeks, nonetheless to tell me: thank you for your kindness, sunshine, compassion, integrity, maturity and so forth. And I am not sharing this with you to sound all fancy pants...I am sharing this with you because--as difficult as it may be sometimes to "turn the other cheek, love thy neighbor, put yourself in someone else's shoes," etc. etc. I fully believe---IT WILL COME BACK TO YOU!

Every now and then, we need that power of touch to reconnect with the ones we love to humanize us. Physical touch has a very strong impact on our mood, demeanor and outlook. So thank YOU to all of those who have unexpectedly graced me with your presence, kindness, encouragement, etc. Even if it's five years from now--I thank you. Most of all, the karma hug feels the best--when the universe wraps its cosmic arms around you and whispers--job well done, you deserve this. Smile!

So as tough as it may be to have self-control, perserverance, compassion, faith or forgiveness in the moment--take the higher road! It will pay off!

So here is my Monday Meditation of all the awesome hugs I have received:

My Sister Will Always Be My Best Friend Hug
I'll Stand By You Hug

I Hope I Am Still Laughing My Head Off Like This When I Am 60 Hug

My Beautiful Baby Nieces Always Brighten My Day Hug

Homegirls For Life Hug

Next Step in Life Bachelorette to Bride Bash Hug

Holy Crap You Were My First Friend in College
 & Today We Finally Graduated Hug

All You Need Is Love College Hug

Birthdays Are Better Together Group Hug

Damn It Feels Good to Be a Gangster Hug
Don't Worry
 I'll Dress Up With You On Halloween Too
So You Don't Feel Like a Fool Hug

Welcome to Wapples Hug

I Always Got Your Back Girl Hug

Future Hug

Cosmic Universe Hug

What kind of hug do YOU LOVE? Share your thoughts! And have a sunny day, CLE! Positive vibes :)

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