Sunday, August 5, 2012

Lakewood Arts Fest + Bruno's + Park with the Twins!

Action packed weekend! Saturday was the 35th Annual Lakewood Arts Fest, and it never ceases to be stifling hot the day of the show. Anyway, we made the most of it, and I was super pumped I picked up some great pieces and was able to support some great local artists!
Milan Kecman, Illustrator and Artist

Milan's piece that I bought. Titled: HIGH ROLLER
I mean how could I NOT buy it?
Hilarious, simple, witty work. Check out more here.
There was also live music and plenty of hustle and bustle. The spanse of the festival this year stretched further than I had ever witnessed it before (Andrews to Marlowe for fellow Lakewood peeps)

Also picked up this totally crazy mask from Empty Nest. The lady didn't know much about the piece so I've decided it's from...Zimbabwe...rightfully so...
Always find really neat stuff at exceptional prices whenever I stop in here. Always a treasure to discover!

After the L-Wood Arts Fest we hit up Bruno's. Surprisingly, many Clevelanders are not hip to this authentic, cozy, and ourageously good eatery. It may be the location (slightly sketch) or the fact they have no advertising--but this word of mouth joint is the King of Italian cuisine & equal-size portions.
"He who eats well is very close with God." AAAAMEN!
If you have not been to Bruno's, RUN don't walk there. The tiny dining room fills up quickly so be sure to make reservations and be ready to bring home some serious leftovers.

Man, oh man, Manicotti. Take a look at that knife in proportion to those suckers!
Did you have to take a nap after reading that? Yeah, me too. Carb coma but oh so worth it. Stick with me.

My favorite part of the weekend was the suprise of getting to hang with my nieces! Jules and her girls are in town visiting. So we met up at the park to get in some jungle gym action. Seriously, how the heck does she keep up with these balls of energy? Must be Super Mom!
Here comes trouble!! :)
Orange icee to cool down Chloe...straws are her new discovery
You'd have to be a souless zombie
if you don't have a gigantic smile slapped across your face looking at Lily & her swing swag

Literally, Rockstar status!

Aunt Catie and Chloe flying high!
Aunt Jess and ChloBo

No matter what kind of day I am having, I am instantly elated and grateful to see these little ones. Watching them discover new things, their enjoyment and amusement simply by swinging and letting their hair blow back-- is a very humbling and thoughtful experience as an adult.
Lily enjoying life to its fullest with Jules
I guess what you'd call it is innocence.
Sister kisses. OMG! Seriously could they be anymore precious? I think not!
Julie is such an AMAAAAAZING mom (not to mention hottie, smartypants, and goofball all rolled into one). Being around her and the twins certainly gives me perspective, inspiration, courage and definitely COUNT MY BLESSINGS! So glad to have a wonderful weekend! And's time... for my nap. :) Keep JAMmin, CLE! Life is beautiful!

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