Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Movin On Out

As I mentioned in my last post, the man and I are gearing up for our big move. Don't get me wrong, any way you put it--Moving is NOT fun. We've all been there, whether it's moving out from your college digs to a new pad, making the trek across the Cuyahoga River to become a new east or westsider, or upgrading to a larger home to allow a little more wiggle room for your growing brood, whether you're renting, purchasing, first-timer, or seasoned veteran....moving just plain sucks. And as spring begins to poke its head into Cleveland, it's time to start packing!

So as I became consumed with boxes, I started to feel overwhelmed with the task of packing all of our belongings. Usually, I try to remain optimistic, but with JMK away on business every other week, it leaves most of the packing project up to me. So what did I do to make myself feel better? Visited one of my favorite pick-me-ups. FAILBLOG! Whenever I begin to venture down the "oh-poor-me-route" this always gives me a bit of perspective that a whole lotta other people are failing way worse than I am. Although this may not be my most Positive Patty post, I can ensure you that the following horribly thought out moving pictures are positively hilarious and will make any mover-to-be feel infinitely better! So kick your feet up on those moving boxes, have a good laugh, and know you're not doing all that bad...ENJOY!

Now first things first, when you begin to pack, you gotta go hound grocery stores, CVS and any other establishment hoping they take pity on you and cough up some big ol' moving boxes...because let's face it, buying moving boxes sucks too. This lady must have a really good sad puppy dog face.....

epic fail photos Transportation Fail
Dude, I got all these moving boxes...for FREE!

Now that you've got all those boxes, time for packing up the car....

fail owned pwned pictures
Who wants to play Jenga?....on the roof of the car...

Luckily, JMK and I do not have any children............

fail owned pwned pictures
Hey kids, who wants to go for ride!

Now that we're all moved in, let's just move this couch a littttttle to the left.....

epic fail photos Moving Fail
I said move it to the LEFT!

Once all your big items are carefully arranged, time to start putting away all the boxes and make the place yours....

Good Call
 Ummmm....Wait, what? Which do I do first? FAIL

See Clevelanders, you're doing all right. And whenever you feel like you're doing a crappy job, I encourage you to visit FAILBLOG and get a good kick out of people being a little dim. Good luck with the packing...you're almost there!

**All pictures provided by FAILBLOG**


  1. That's awesome! Where was this post when we were moving?! People would ask me how it was going and I'd kind of look at them like, "It's moving. It always sucks."

  2. Lol. So true! Hope you and CLEguy are all settled into your new place :)


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