Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Swimmin in Sunshine

Why hello my little bloggies! I have not abandoned you. Since my last post, JMK and I have moved into our new home, celebrated my Grandma's 85th birthday, gone to the CLE Aquarium, enjoyed the GORGEOUS weather, and I have fiercely battled  against an unending cold. So forgive me for not posting sooner--it's a crazy and exciting spring!

So speaking of spring, officially now, we have been spoiled with this unbelievable weather. 83 degrees for a high?!?! Say whaaaaaa? I think I will enjoy this evening by catching some rays on our new deck, finally taking a deep breath, and hoping the extra Vitamin D from the sunshine packs some punch against this cold.

Anyhow, as I mentioned, we had the pleasure of finally going to the newly opened CLE Aquarium for Gram's 85th birthday (hey, that's what she asked for!) I have heard nothing but good things since its opening in January. So if you're looking for something fun to do and a great way to cool off during this MARCH HEAT WAVE, I certainly suggest you check out this phenomenal venue which now occupies the Powerhouse. The tanks are engaging and allow you to look at the marine life through multiple perspectives, making it easy for everyone to see & gain access to the underwater life!

Fun fact

Here's a tour of our adventure:

Lion Fish

Mesmerized by those Lion Fish!
Havin' one eel of a time!

Check out those teeth!

The birthday girl wasn't wild about getting her pic taken...

No haters for these American baby gators

"I hear Jaws theme music playing...."
Who's thirsty?

"Dad, say Hi to Scuba Steve.."


Fun family day at the CLE Aquarium.. Happy Birthday Gram!!


  1. Fun fact! The lion fish is actually an invasive species in the Caribbean region (I think this is fairly recent too...within the past few years). If you see one at a particular reef you can report it and marine biologists and other specified divers will catch and remove them. I believe they are native to the indian ocean and/or south pacific region.


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