Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bloom Lagoon

Clevelanders are all too familiar with unpredictable weather, and this spring is no different! I have tried to take advantage though of the picturesque scenery and embrace this all too brief season while I can. I recently made a trip to one of my favorite places to decompress and enjoy my CLE surroundings, and that was to Wade Lagoon. The cherry blossoms lining the lagoon are truly stunning during this time of year and only compliment the classical beauty of the cultural institutions.

My personal favorite in the area is the Cleveland Museum of Art (says the artist's daughter!) but with the new MOCA building quickly going up in University Circle I will have one more reason to visit the beloved Circle more often!

I spent many sunny afternoons walking down Cedar Hill to sprawl out on a bench near the lagoon and indulge in a good read while escaping to this urban oasis. Or sometimes, I'd wander over to Cleveland Museum of Art just to stroll through the FREE galleries and take a look at the multi-phase renovation of the museum. Either way this is a great place to escape in the middle of the city and take in the spectacular scenery and perhaps explore the other entertainment and art in the area.

In case your not convinced, I encourage you to take a walk through here early Sunday morning, latte in hand, and tell me it's not gorgeous! Here is a glimpse of my stroll:

aka Oil Can Church

The patina on the lamp post is such an incredible color contrast to the cherry blossoms and spring green leafs!

Even the statues are enjoying the view

Cleveland Museum of Art in spring!

No matter what your age, you're sure to love this party of pink petals

Severance Hall - Cleveland Orchestra

University Circle IS growing in ALL directions!


  1. Great shots! It really has been a beautiful spring so far!

  2. I must check this out! I loved the cherry blossoms when I lived in DC and had no idea we had our own little helping of them here.

  3. What gorgeous pictures! Your photography skills are improving all the time. Have you ever thought of taking a class? You have a great eye!

  4. Thank you! I love the cherry blossoms and spring in Cleveland makes taking those photos so easy...b-e-a-utiful! Wish it would last.


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