Saturday, March 3, 2012

Pin Pal

Whew! What a crazy past few weeks.  We finally found a new place...eeek! So exciting. Our new home is adorable and has incredible architectural features (nerd out)--exposed brick, high ceilings, leaded glass windows, and a working fireplace...yaaaaaaaaaaay! So we are knee deep in boxes and up to our eyeballs in work, so forgive me, bloggity blog, that I have not given you much deserved attention.

Another distraction, my other new pal, PINTEREST! I may be slightly late to the game...but I must admit, once you start, you won't be able to stop! Utterly.addicting.can't.stop.pinning! So many cool crafts, fun fashion, and a hellavua lotta home ideas! So after days of perusing, here is my takeaway from the endless stream of ideas.

Yup, made it myself

I was inspired to share this after seeing everyone's clever ideas on Pinterest. I made this some time ago, but finally got around to sharing the project with others. It was super easy to make, and a great way to organize all those fab earrings!

All you need is an old frame and a screen. I simply spray painted the frame gold, then used a staple gun to attach the screen on the back..and voila! Easy peasy. I loved upcycling these old items to create an extremely useful display stand. Now I encourage you to get pinning! As we pack up and unpin our home now, I am sure Pinterest will serve as a great guide for other creative ideas for our new home too. Find me on Pinterest @jamincle. Enjoy!


  1. good luck on the move jess!! where are you guys heading?? girls and i will need the new address :))

    1. thanks lady! heading to Shaker Hts. will forward you info soon. send the girls my love! :)


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