Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Burrito Bowling Blast

Yes, I never thought I'd find myself experiencing the combo of burritos and bowling--but stranger things have happened. That's the cool thing about our great city, you are always (re)discovering things to do, places to see, food to eat, and fun times to have. This past weekend my bff, Catie, asked me to go bowling. I wrinkled my nose at the idea at first, but she convinced me it would be a blast. Of course, she was right! And by the end, I finally got my lucky strike!!
Pre-bowling blast we hit up a newly opened taco joint in Lakewood called Taco Tonto's. The original was near Catie's alma mater of Kent State, and when a second opened in Lakewood, she was PUMPED. She recommended the sweet potato burrito. I know, crazy, right? But DELICIOUS!

A fully loaded and toasted burrito stuffed with sweet potato, black beans, cheese, onion and lettuce-YUM!

The food was great--but the service process um interesting.  As the dinner rush hit, we tried to order drinks at the bar and instead had to go stand in a long line of hungry, hungry people to order a drink. Hmmmm....You couldn't order a round of drinks either, each person had to wait in line, show their ID, and go back to the table one at a time. Feels like there coooould be an easier process for this--but maybe that's just how they operate. I'd recommend going there on an off-night during off-hours to really get to enjoy it. But you'll definitely enjoy the food there anytime!

After burrito blowout, we were ready to bowl some balls at Mahall's. I hadn't been there since I was probably about 8 for a birthday party, and wow it's different! It recently changed owners earlier this year & updated to more of its glory day style. Read the story from Freshwater Cleveland here.
Too Cool Bowling Pinsetter Light Fixture
Major bowling bonus cool points? Not only did they have two floors of bowling, but also a performance hall upstairs with AWESOME live music, and a live DJ spinning jams downstairs, coupled with a rustic hipster bar and pitchers of Goose Island with mason jar glasses (yes I have an affinity for mason jars)!!! The vibe was right and I was ready to rumble down the alley as all my pins and arrows were aligned!

Pinned Image
Admit it!

Turns out, bowling maaaay not be my strong suit, but I had so much fun that I consider that a win!

Be silly. Get awkward. Embrace it. Dance. Bowl. Have fun. Get happy!!!
I think I need to watch The Big Lebowski after my recent bowling adventure
The Dude Abides

If you haven't checked out Mahall's recently--seriously, get a group together and go! I promise it won't disappoint!!!

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