Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: A "Political" Message Courtesy of JAM

In light of the Presidential Debates this evening and endless bombardment of political Facebook statuses, campaign attack ads, and endless mud-slinging on both parties sides,  ...may I bring to you, this "very important political" message:

Obama, "Jay-Z now knows what my life is like. We both have daughters. And our wives are more popular than we are...We've got a little bond."
Romney, "I'm kind of a Snooki fan. Look how tiny she's gotten. She's lost weight. She's energetic. Just her spark-plug personality is kind of fun."
Chew on that during the political debates tonight, 'Merica....
Ohhhh boyyyy! I am REALLY looking forward to Wednesday, November 7, 2012...

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  1. So true! Cannot wait for election season to be over! ;)



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