Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Sister Celebration: A Birthday Recap in CLE!

This weekend we celebrated my sister's birthday AND her new home she shares with her lovely bf! Lots to celebrate and lots of fun!!!
Best man grilling apron, ever!
On Saturday, I headed over to her new digs to check it out and it was awesome! She's officially a surbanite complete with a nice yard and cul-de-sac..who woulda thunk? Her life has shifted significantly since her last few birthdays--but all for the good, she's happy, she loves her life, and all I care about is seeing her thrive :)
Photo: Wishing you good juju and lots of love in your new home Gina Marie & Danny Tohme !! Cheers <3
Cheers to your new home, and wishing you lots of love and good juju!!!
After checking out the new place, we headed back to the Heights to have a final celebration. It's crazy, when she and I first moved into that apartment I was 21! How quickly 5 years fly by!
2nd day at the apt.
celebrating my 21st birthday on Coventry
So many good times, so much growing up, so many adventures, and so many evenings sitting on that lovely porch drinking vino, painting our nails and watching people walk by. Sure going to miss that place--but all good things must come to an end and I'm so excited for the next chapter in her life too :)
So, we took a gamble as we returned to the apt. with the stormy weather and speed-walked down to Little Italy for some delicioso food at Mia Bella. We were able to sneak in some divine apps before having to hurry inside as the heavens opened up and the summer storms rolled in. It was an adventure!
Birthday girl in post summer rainshower glow
Yum! We shared the eggplant parmesean which was cut thin and LITERALLY out of this world  & some sauteed calamari (as opposed to the standard deep fried).  I got a super simple (yet tasty) pizza complete with fresh basil, fresh mozzarella, olives. That's what I really like about Mia Bella, it's fresh, simple and not too over the top. Real authentic Italian food! Mangia mangia!
On Sunday, Gina had a big cookout at her new digs and it was a great family & friends fun day, complete with bat masks, awkward family photos, and cornhole! Winning comination!

Wouldn't trade this fam for the world!

Gimme that!

Reviewing the financial investment of boxes of corn
Post a bitter battle of cornhole..
It was a wonderful weekend welcoming my sis into her new home and a new year to celebrate fun adventures ahead. Feeling blessed and wishing you all the best, sis.. LOVE YOU! xoxo!


  1. Love all the pics, but I was eyeballing that 'love' bracelet you're wearing! It's darling! I've never been to that Little Italy restaurant so might have to check it out! :)

  2. Yay sisters! Love the beer & bracelet picture. I have a hard time going anywhere but Maxi's in Little Italy but I'd like to try Mia Bella. Happy hour?

  3. Yes! I'd be happy to do a Little Italy happy hour :) !!! La Dolce Vita also has a lady's night special in the summer...oh snap!


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