Sunday, April 1, 2012

Movin and Shakin!

Between working extra hours with our biggest event of the year, and battling a 3 week viral infection, I'll admit, I have not been Susie Homemaker with our new place. So I am happy we made some serious headway this weekend. I must give a huge round of applause to JMK because he did a tremendous job with the place too. (I'm more of an eye-baller-I-hate-math-kinda gal, where he is the patient-accurate-measure-everything-do-it-right-once-hanger. Luckily, he makes up where I lack, and vice versa). So check out the living room!

Those leaded glass windows are totally what sold me on this place. I came home late one night from work to the wonderful surprise of lovely new curtains for those gigantic windows. And yes, JMK picked them out himself, along with window sheers, AND hung them! For the win! They look GREAT! He sure is a keeper! (Thanks for giving him those innate design skills, Jeannine!!!)

Also got to try out our new fireplace. Wow, does it make the place feel cozy and homey! I took all these pics on my phone so it really doesn't do it justice, but there is beautiful terracotta lining the fireplace along with a coat of arms emblem on the chimney. Gotta love these historical homes!

Exposed brick in the kitchen and ridiculous amount of counter space? Yes please!

And we were both so excited about our 3 season porch! We were able to go buy an outdoor bench and patio chairs last night and cannot wait for things to heat back up and enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of our cozy porch. I'm so eager to garden again and build our urban jungle! By the way, every porch needs an outdoor lantern (Thanks for the housewarming gift, Mom!) and we can't wait for those late summer nights with our friends and family! It's all coming together, yay!


  1. Everything looks lovely! I can't wait to see it in person! I'm so proud of my son! I can't believe he can hang drapes! I guess he observed more than I thought! Many blessings in your new abode!

  2. Thank you, thank you! Feels good to get settled in!


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