Saturday, September 8, 2012

10 Things I Learned in DC

Oh why helllloo der! I've been catching up all this week after my awesome week in DC. My gal pal Marie made the jump from CLE to DC last month and I was eager to go explore the new city with her. So here is what I learned during my Labor Day weekend trip to the District.

1) They have epic monuments, everywhere. They do history BIG in D.C. From glorious churches grounding you in grandeur
The National Cathedral
To nationally revered phallic symbols...

Even their national parks are on a grand scale....
And they have really big houses...
"Oh, you meant, THAT big white house," Marie.

2. They take brunch way seriously, which is a major win in my book.

Founding Farmers:

Top right: Beignets with Raspberry Coulis, Semi-Sweet Chocolate and Caramel Sauces
Bottom right:  Pastrami Hash Shredded Leek Hash Browns, Poached Eggs, Beef Pastrami, Creole Mustard Hollandaise
Bottom left: Eggs Benedict Arnold with Sausage and Black Pepper Cream Gravy
Look at that cutlery? Seriously, adorable
Left to right
Best drinks we've EVER had
Cast iron baked cinnamon rolls with cream cheese icing
Brunch pizza with onion, sausage, smoked gouda, scrambled eggs, avocado, chipotle sour cream 

Most serious brunch drink I've ever had: the Bloody Mary Beer (yes, you did read that correctly)
Half of a PBR (already sold) half of a spicy savory Bloody Mary, served with,...
you guessed it, a GIANT piece of bacon on top--be still my heart!
Smokin good brunch, inlaid matchboxes into your table for your entertainment,
along with a side of matches to take home
3. Preppy Georgetown Boys do not not like smoking hot smart ass chicks like this who may have had a few cocktails:
Note to douchey uber prepster dudes: if you do bump my elbow and use the pick up line, "Hey, what's your last name?" I will respond with a smart ass remark such as, "Obama."
*Awkward silence as his jaw drops open* "Let me're a Republican?" *More awkward silence. Dude whips around and makes a beeline in the other direction*
Side note: I do like clean cut guys, yes, but if you are overtly, arrogantly, prepster--I will probably not be a big fan.
Post note: Yes, I am a liberal Democrat, but do I love my republican peeps? Heck yes! Besides, Obama is a way funnier response than say five years ago when I would have responded..."Bush." *More awkward silence.*

4. Lebanese make unreasonably precious babies...who surprisingly have gorgeous red hair... (I know, I was shocked too.) Check out Marie's babydoll niece, Miss Stella!!
"How could you not want to eat me?"

Oh, and she loves to dance too, double cool baby points
Stella and Auntie Marie dancing up a storm
This little lady has more fashion sense than I do:
 oversized floppy hat, one strap bathing suit, and a side flower for good measure

5. They have a lot of irony in their name choices of restaurants and cuisine in D.C. which made me laugh. Witty people.

Toki Underground: totally not underground--actually on the second floor of a building, but has no signage
Also channeling Jonathan Sawyer's Noodlecat vibe

Sticky Rice: Ok they serve Sticky Balls (yes we immaturely laughed when our server told us they were the best thing on the menu, and they were)
And a bucket of tater tots--at an Asian restaurant...ironic, but surprisingly delicious.
Other things I learned in D.C. but don't have cool pictures to show you:
6. It is the cleanest big city I have ever visited.
7. Next time you complain about traffic in CLE--experience D.C. traffic...Admittedly, Cleveland drivers do go slow--but D.C. drivers are absolute maniacs!!
8. It is a jogger friendly city. EVERYONE JOGS. Even when it is 101 degrees with 90% humidity. Hats off to your dedication because I know I sure couldn't handle that!
9. "It's a Lost Puppy City" one young Indian man told us during a night out. He said it's a very diverse city, you can order 10 different ethnic foods from your little neighborhood, and really, no one living in D.C. is actually from D.C. They are all just lost puppies trying to find a place called home.
10. D.C. actually has a lot more "homey" neighborhoods than I had envisioned. Ridiculous cute row houses and quiet streets with young families all in D.C. proper.
Cheers to a great weekend in D.C. Thank you to my wonderful hostess, Marie and her family! D.C. is definitely an awesome city to visit, and I certainly will visit again (But CLE is always #1 in my heart!)


  1. I love these 10 things! All of them are true and most I know from first-hand experience living there. So glad you had a great trip. We'll have to compare notes once I'm back from mine later this month.

  2. Yes, I can't wait to hear about your birthday adventure and your fave foodie places too :) have fun!

  3. Cute post! I love DC and especially love Founding Farmers - soo good!



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