Sunday, September 16, 2012

Ingenuity Fest, Sparx, Tremont Art Fest, Brunch, Browns Game

Wow, what an incredibly action-packed weekend. I am wiped out from all the awesome over-stimuilation I experienced this weekend in CLE.
Yeah, whoa!
Friday night I set out to the Ingenuity Fest with my two hilarious homeboys, Jeff and Evan. These guys are instant day brighteners and it's impossible to be anything but happy and goofy in their presence. (Their services can be rented for only $19.95 an hour. Kidding! Sort of...)

This year the Ingenuity Fest took place at the docks behind the Browns stadium as opposed to the Detroit-Superior Bridge where it has been hosted for the past few years. I'll be honest, the venue was cool, but not as cool as walking across the beams of a bridge suspended above the Cuyahoga. (We ARE adventurous in CLE, right?!) Instead the event took place in 2 giant warehouses along with an outdoor section. Personally, I felt the energy was lacking and disjointed in the gigantic vacant space, but I will admit that the exhibits and art this year were way more outstanding. Check out some photos I snapped:

Howard Ganz artwork

Always JAMmin! Zygote Press

Copy Machine art by Zygote!

Good Greens represent!
 Check out my previous review of Good Greens Bars here

(Oh ok, so now Blogger is going to be real awesome and turn all my vertical pictures horizontal, no matter what I do, oh well, you get the picture)
Jeff happy about his Good Greens purchase

After a really good sticker-bombing session...who gets the last laugh now? :) 
(Well, I guess Blogger does here, but I will get you...Soond)

After a fun-filled Friday. I then hit up Sparx City Hop which DCA (and my awesome sister) made possible.

  Lolley the Trolley here so you can learn all about CLE!
 (sideways, obviously is better, thanks Blogger)

I met John the talented photographer/artist behind 216 Photography.
He is a cool local CLE guy doing his thing, and said it was only his 2nd public show (say whaaaat?!)
Check out his incredible work and support your love for CLE here.


We then mosied over to my favorite place in Tremont for--more food, at Prosperity Club. Great chill vibe with old-school checkered floors, a mini bowling machine, good beers on tap, and live entertainment right on the door step!

Sunday rolled around and I chomped on some delicious brunch at Sweet Melissa's with my bffs Catie & Julie, and my two favorite little girls, Lily & Chloe!!!

We are going to teach you all about the joys of Girls Brunch, Chloe!

Because sticking out my tongue is awesome-Lily
I tried the Corned Beef Hash and it was AH-MAZING. The place is pretty kid friendly too, so definitely a good place to bring the youngins with still a cool and tasty vibe.

After filling up at Sweet Melissa's, I stopped over Katie's house for her Brown's tailgating party. Despite the loss, we still had a spankin good time cheering on our tragic yet beloved CLE team!

I finished up the day back east with my sis, hanging out and kickin it on the porch, enjoying a beautiful fall evening while drinking hard cider.

My belly is full, my brain is stimulated, my love of arts has broadened, my experience of CLE has deepened, my heart is light, my blessings are counted, and my face is smiling. GREAT WEEKEND!
How was your weekend kickin it in CLE?

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