Sunday, September 9, 2012

The CLE Garlic Fest: The Many Hidden Benefits of Garlic (But You May Need a Breath Mint After..)

So, growing up with wonderful Italian cooks in the home (my mom and sis, the cooking gene skipped me--but more on that later) the smell of garlic makes me salivate. I LOVE garlic! And I had heard of the CLE Garlic Festival but never had the chance to go before. Finally, I learned about the many interesting hidden benefits of garlic...

One garlic benefit: Shaker Heights will not be stricken with vampires anytime soon........

As luck would have it, I found myself venturing out on my own to satisfy my taste for some yummy garlic. (I was able to fend for myself since there were no vampires within a mile vicinity of Shaker Heights) I kid you not, you could sniff your way to the festival from seriously over a mile away, so I let my nose lead the adventure....

Lookout: Attack of the Giant Garlic Clove!!!

Garlic hats, garlic ice cream, garlic necklaces. Garlic, garlic, everywhere! These people were ga-ga for garlic!

Brew Kettle 4 C's Beer
Another added benefit: garlic goes well with wine or you can save yourself from any dilemmas
 by serving a side of garlic at all of your diplomatic dinner parties..............

Maize Valley Farms
Garlic knows no borders! Despite being pegged as an Italian staple ingredient,
I bought a "German White" and "Red Russian" from this garlic stand.
Garlic doesn't discriminate, it is loved by and for all people!
Garlic brings out the love in CLE: Clothing

Garlic makes people groove...

I forget the name of this band, but people were JAMmin


Who knew? All it takes is a little garlic in these kids' systems and their hatred for the Steelers is unleashed too....
This little dude was straight blasting the Steelers with tomatoes for about 5 minutes and kept turning around and asking his mom if she'd take a video of him. Hahahaha! Don't worry my man, I captured your victory!
Apparently, garlic has other added benefits, such as the power to ward off heart disease, bad skin (did I menition blood-sucking vampires too? But they didn't seem to promote that one as much...)
They even crowned a Miss Garlic of the Festival along with her handsome Clove...
Did you notice her skin? Totally the garlic!!
The Garlic Fest was awesome, bad breath and all. and if you aren't convinced how wonderful this lil magical garlic bulb is--it's probably because you hate crucifixes and sunlight too... :)

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