Thursday, September 13, 2012

Valley Memories!

I had a long and challenging day today that was instantly brightened up by meeting up with my BFF, Catie. Catie was my very first friend I made in high school! Crazy right? We sat next to each other in homeroom and instantly hit it off. A few days into the "high school experience" we willingly ventured out to the St. Ed's awesome dance mixer (awesome as in super socially awkward 14-year olds interacting with the opposite sex all while "Saving room for the Holy Spirit" and pretending to know how to dance to hip hop, myself included, awesome) Luckily, Catie stuck by me, through the goofy phases and all!
Circa freshman year of high school picture day, this picture brings back cold sweats..

The back story to this gem of a freshman photo--it was the first few weeks of school and my kind sister let me borrow her outrageously cool high-heel big sister sandals to get decked out for my first official high school pic. Right after homeroom, my borrowed cool shoes suddenly came totally UNCOOL when the strap broke and I had a completely unusable shoe on my hands (or feet, whatever). Catie came to my rescue and gave me the rubberband for her hair to crow-hunch that shit on my way to my next class. She narrowly helped me avoid a major fashion disaster and meltdown, and from that point on I knew she was a lifer.

Me and Catie in our "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" School Spirit t-shirts circa 2002
Despite the unexpected life changes we are faced with, it seriously is wonderfully refreshing to meet up with your friend who knows you from way back when and just simply... gets you.

So, Catie and I hit up one of our favorite after school hangout spots in the valley tonight. Hogsback aka Stinchcomb. So many good memories there! It instantly took me back to the days where we thought we were so mature and had "serious" problems. Oh to be young again! I'm sure we will be old ladies laughing and looking back on today and say the same thing, oh to be young again!
Funny Old People (44 pics)
Always young at heart!
Image source via Pinterest
Image source via Pinterest

If you are looking for a great workout--I definitely recommend climbing the "Hogsback" at Stinchbomb because as the name suggests--it will make you sweat like a hog...or something like that. The view from the top is gorgeous!!! Keeping things in perspective after a long day, it always helps when you have great friends to keep you rooted!!

So let me know about your next valley workout. Take advantage of our beautiful metroparks in Cleveland as the cool weather sets in. The "Emerald Necklage," as it's often referred to, turns stunning shades of red and orange in the fall, so check it out. Let the memory making continue!

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