Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Heelin into Home: Tribe Home Opener

I came across these randomly on Pinterest and could not resist sharing! With the smell of Ball Park Franks in the air, and the Tribe home opener just around the corner, I thought you fellow fashionistas and die-hard Tribe fans would sure get a kick out of these!
HERSTAR™ Women's Cleveland Indians High Heel Suede Pumps

You can purchase them here and rock that Tribe Pride all game long! Now just click your heels three times for a home run, and be sure to not spill any stadium mustard on the Chief. With these ridiculous kicks, you'll be sure to give the Indians a real leg up this season! Go Tribe!!!


  1. Too cute! I put it on my Facebook page and Tweeted it

  2. Thanks for the love...GOOO TRIBE!


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