Monday, April 2, 2012


As I sit here at Panera, trying desperately to focus on tackling my taxes--I of course look for any distraction and a pick me up from one of my least favorite activities. Filing taxes...booo! But we all have to do it, and I have been procrastinating, so as the dreaded day grows near, I thought my other fellow taxed taxees could use a little laugh to get through the insurmountable task too. You are not alone, fellow Clevelanders and US citizens, BELIEVE! You will get through it, and you will have a nice chunk of change after staggering through your tax files. And if all else fails, go to your local H&R Block. Or just pull a Jimmy Dimora. (Kidding on that last part)

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 Here are some great tax tips for all the late filers too!  Hope you had a little laugh and learned some helpful tips too! May your refund find its way back to you rapidly!

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