Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hold Fast to Dreams: A CLE Renaissance

One of my favorite quotes. I will always have a sweet spot for Langston Hughes--a prolific writer, innovative poet, perservering pioneer, and original renaissance man with some CLE history in him too! After spending a wonderful weekend with JMK's family and celebrating the Easter season, I can't help but experience a renewed sense of hope, positivity, and perserverance. Entering into my own personal renaissance, if you will.

"Langston Hughes spent his youth in Cleveland. While a teen at Central High School in 1917, Hughes lived in the attic of the home at 2266 East 86th Street after his mother and stepfather left Cleveland."
And Cleveland is certainly going through an exciting renaissance phase as well. The redevelopment and construction plans renew hope and economic development for our area. Last year the city of Cleveland had condemned Langston's east side home. But good news-- the Fairfax Renaissance Development Corporation hopes to renovate it. It was nominated by the Cleveland Landmarks Commission to be a designated landmark. Read more about Langston's CLE connections in this awesome article here. Hold fast to your dreams, CLE! For if dreams die, life is a broken winged bird, that cannot fly. Embrace your renaissance!

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